My smartphone's price was a lie! ; ___ ;

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My smartphone's price was a lie! ; ___ ;

A smartphone that I found said it was worth around $5200. I was jumping for joy when I found it, yet when I sold it, I only got $17. When I tried to get it back, I didn't have "enough" money to get it back. I only got $17 for it when it said it would sell for $5200, but when I try to take it back, it's all of the sudden worth $5200!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please answer my post dcfedor while I go cry in a corner.

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That's a known bug, should be fixed soon.

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The files found inside the electronic devices can really vary in prices - most are worthless, but some can fetch a grand prices, up to $5-6k. However, neither you nor the market should know the price of the files inside, until you have cracked the device.

So that's a bug, as it should show the price (and have the market value) of $17 when locked, and $17+the price of the files (in your case $5k+) when unlocked and identified.

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