How did YOU die?

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How did YOU die?

Post some of your deaths that you've had, as well a what you've learned from them!

My longest survival is 6 days, got jumped by a bandit while sleeping! What I learnt - always make a noise trap, always cover your tracks, and always out your fire out!

Another tip I learnt was when facing a dog man close range, your best Tactic is to RUN!!!

Another death involved eating anything I could find (poison berry)

Post your deaths and tips on avoiding them!

Hypothermia mostly…

I guess i have a lot to experience and learn :)

Yeah, I find a lot if my playthroughs involved finding clothes! Or a lighter! I often charge any bandit, regardless of my disadvantage upon starting.

In most of cases i died from my brave and honor. I thought that i could to kill bandit's or in some events i could to rescue other survivor.

23 days, still alive.
Before i had made too many mistakes. Trying to keep myself far away to make it again. Most important that do not eat more then one times in Megacity "REd Gnome". In another case you'll die from vehicle's collision.
I avoid any battle, only defending from others bad guys. Three dozens of arrows make me alive :) I like hunting on the deers. it's fine meat, hair and money in the market.

But after 23 days nothing interesting. I know that it's just BETA. I seen all items. I had pretty money and things. Ended all features at this moment. left only wait release.

Sorry for my grammatic level. I rather bad know English. I'm citizen of Ukraine.

I eat at the Red Gnome every day.

You just have to pay for your meals rather than running out without paying.

And leave a tip. Silly or not, not leaving a tip can also tip the scales bring one some trouble.

Well of course, what kind of person doesn't leave a tip?

o realy
what is the translation
агов чувак, якщо ви читаєте це, ви так здорово
і я думав, що ти обманщик аа громадянина України та інше

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

The last time I died after two days by getting pistol whipped by a strong-tough raider. Didn't help that at some point before that my character decided to munch on the poisonous mushrooms I had on the sled *sigh*

I died after 6 days from Cholera. Maybe i should boil the water before i drink it :D

Combat isn't a problem for my character....what killed me was a bad case of the runs. My tip for avoiding that is DO NOT eat berries unless they are blue or if you are a Botanist. Seriously there is nothing sadder than coming out of a bloodbath with minor injuries only to wind up dead from the runs.

Heh. I was pretty blues were poison a lot of the time too... :( I just never counted on them too heavily.

Accidently clicking "New game". Now that i think of it, how can the button show "new game" instead of "resume" if i didnt die?

Starting a new game shouldn't delete an older savegame. If you accidentally start a new game simply end the game without saving.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

I died after 5 and a half days of poisoning: apparently taking tons of antibiotics doesn't cure that. I've started playing with the botany skill and it's really useful.

Antibiotics strengthen a weakened immune system, which prevents infections, but doesn't help against poisons (which is btw a bit unrealistic, since in real life antibiotics kill off bacteria directly).

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

died fighting a hored of about 14 melon heads

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

Bacteria's not the only danger that is within plants/Water my good friend.

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

I died after fighting a patrol of DMC guards. Killed them, stole their armour, bullets and weapons, then noticed I was injured. Took two slugs to the legs in the fight, and a combo of blood loss and Sepsis killed me. A real anti-climax, after an epic battle like that.

Died after 29 days.
I hunt people as a hobby, not to eat them since botany is the real deal bruv, but in order to attain their valuables. Found a strong and tough bad mutha with a crowbar *lolk this is gonna be easy*. Shot him 3 times with crude broadhead arrows and a compound bow *tfw he's still standing*. Thought I could beat him to death with my trusty crowbar *lol no way bruv*. He hit me once in the chest and I died from acute bleeding to the lungs even though I was perfectly healthy *sad face*.

Moral of the story: use more arrows

it's all okay now friend :^]

It turns out that storing Dog Repellant in a bag in your hand still counts as far as summoning dogmen.

I discovered this while taking a nap.

Fighting a bad mutha that would not let me run away (he was too fast)

Survival Time: 4 days, 15.15 hours.
Player has died due to acute bleeding in the lungs.

Final Moments:

Player is bleeding internally.
Player has a fractured rib.
Player is stunned and unable to move for a moment.
Player is unconscious.
Player has passed out from unbearable pain.
** End Turn **
Player is bleeding.
Bad Mutha is bleeding.
Bad Mutha advances towards Player.
** End Turn **
Player is bleeding.
Bad Mutha is bleeding.
Player: ...zzz...
Bad Mutha attacks Player...and hits!
Bad Mutha demolished Player's lower chest with a monkey wrench.
Player has a fractured rib.
Player is bleeding internally.
Player has a fractured rib.
** End Turn **
Player has died due to acute bleeding in the lungs.
Player has died due to acute bleeding in the lungs.
Player has died due to acute bleeding in the lungs.

Player is frail, is easier to wound, and takes longer to heal.
Player is skilled in ranged combat. Player can engage at longer range than most, and ranged weapons degrade slower.
Player is skilled in trapping and snares.
Player is skilled at hiding, and can conceal themself better than most.
Player is skilled in medical procedures, which increases rate of recovery from wounds.
Player is skilled in lockpicking.
Player is unburdened by what Player is carrying.
Player has a normal circulation of blood.
Player's immune system is healthy.
Player has not acted significantly more evil nor good.
Player is wearing the protective talisman.
You have contracted cholera.
Player has already taken the sleeping bag from the car.
Player is well-rested.
Player is using an optical magnification device.
Player is weak with hunger.
Player has moderate hypothermia.
Player's thirst is slaked.
Player's right arm has been crippled.
Player has fallen to the ground, and must regain footing to continue.
Player has a fractured rib.
Player is coughing up blood.
Player has contracted pneumonia.
Player is bleeding internally.
Player has passed out from unbearable pain.
Player is unconscious.
Player is bleeding.
Player has died due to acute bleeding in the lungs.

A few nights back I died falling from the rafters into a mob of Melonheads at the Allegan Fairgrounds. I had lasted 99 days and figured a few melonheads wouldn't stop me. Torn to shreds without a chance of fighting back.

Sneaking through the hills and forests after killing a dogman. It did some good damage to me and I'm *Unknowingly* exhausted. looking for a safe spot to sleep when I'm attacked by a feral dog! The dog rushes me and in my desperate attempt to kill the dog off, I pass out from exhaustion. Dog eats my face while I'm out.

37 Days, 12.20 hours of survival.

way to necro a 2 year old thread

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Death from a Bad Mutha.

I did't notice that I left my sniper rifle back at the Cryo Facility.

Murder Weapon: Meat Cleaver


Wanders the land looking for it's next prey...

I got beat to death by a bad mutha after he stole my items from my camp while I was gone.

- Hunter

Do what you want because a pirate is free! You are a pirate!

Another time I got killed was by several dogs. I hate them things.

- Hunter

Do what you want because a pirate is free! You are a pirate!

... And last but not least, I got killed at Zom Zom's right after I spawned in. :]

- Hunter

Do what you want because a pirate is free! You are a pirate!

Best char so far. 22 days, my record. Successful made the Hatter-quest, got into Detroit the first time :) loved it! But what to do then? So I went into Camp Greyling. What shall I say - I never came back again...

How to avoid it? Well, don't know. Doesn't give you much clue what to do and what you need...

After 10 hours into the game and several deaths already, I thought I was beginning to nail it. This overconfidence killed me, or more exactly a couple of Dogmen did, thinking I could easily beat them with my newly found compound bow. I killed one with my arrows, and severely injured the other. I was all like "too easy, let's finish this one with my crowbar hand-to-hand scavenger style". So I charged him but missed my crowbar swing. The dogman seized the oppurtunity and cut my head off with his claws. Lesson learned, never confront a dogman in close combat.

Yeah they can be rough when they get up close. I'm able to fight them off on my character, but:

A. I use a spear to keep my face unconsumed. (Range of 3 paces always, and use any special trick I can to stun or trip them)
B. My Character has Strong, Tough, AND Melee combat trait.
And of course
C. Never do I forget the fact that 1 good swipe on me CAN kill me. On the plus side Dogmen can die much easier then you'd think as well. I've killed them with a single slung stone to the face before.

Everybody is squishy, just gotta poke em in the right spot.
It's doable with a crowbar because it has a range of 2. Anytime you can hit the other guy without them hitting you is a good thing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
"Who wears short shorts?"
"We wear short shorts!"

Died 12 days in.
Suffered severe pneumonia (3)
Incredibly dehydrated
Couldn't move more than 1 space/turn.
Tried chasing bambi for meat.
Always escaped.

Rest in prince scavenger

True kin

survived (or I did for like 3 days) stage 3 blue rot
died cause my profile got delete for some reason
RIP in Kill, my sweet scavenger

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I can't ever seem to catch the deer even when I'm perfectly healthy.... :'(

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
"Who wears short shorts?"
"We wear short shorts!"

Possibly one of my most dramatic deaths
I was playing my usual game of neo-scavenger and was prepared to go to sleep (with the insomniac trait) after 33 days in the Marshy wastes.

I set up the good old reliable noise trap and sleeping bag then one second after clicking the sleep as button as if to mock the trait I choose three dogmen attacked me all at once.....Yet I survived it with only a moderate wound to the arm,some slightly damaged scrap metal armor and relieved of all .45 rounds whilst leaving my character exhausted to about 1/8 of a sleeping bar in the process.

When making an attempt at the sleep button once again and was then attacked by two more dogmen, I killed the first I could by exhausting my entire supply of arrows then finished the last with a crowbar and was now delighted by the thought of the money I could make from this.

Exactly afterwards I collapsed from the sleep deprivation and woke up the next day to try enter a mental asylum nearby just to immediately die of the dehydration that I ignored the previous day after moving one space towards it.

If only ******** like this occurred within movies.

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

my most No sense death was:
i was sleeping at my camp then a bad mutha appeared.he attacked me and looted my talisman,so merga wraith appeared and killed us both

Fought pack of 5 dogmans,died

Sepsis, all day every day.

Choose Skills, flaws
Start game
Kill Dogman, make fur coat
End turn
Bandit armed with shotgun appears, fights me and kills me in one shot from 15 meters.
Welp, that was quick.

2 right foot shoes? Godamnit...

Created a character that focused on Melee and was doing really well, over the course of 50 days setting up little caches of food and medications all over the place and essentially running around untouchable. Feeling smug and full of myself I went to sleep after a good day hunting dogmen. Woke up to someone approaching. *Boom* shotgun blast rips me apart, and I'm blacking out as he caves in my skull with his gun.

Was still better then the dozen or two times a entire pack of dogs slowly nibbles me to death.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
"Who wears short shorts?"
"We wear short shorts!"

My favorite death is that I had a character that was strong, and good at trapping, so I killed the first dogman, and made a coat out of him. I went west, and went to the strange forest, and came back, looting the area around the cryogenic facility, and found me a nice ol' pot. The next day, I woke up to find someone in my camp, but they ran off. I went looting for the day, heading north about 2 tiles to find abandoned highrises. It turns out the guy was camping there. I ran away, and ended my turn. Then a dogman followed my path, and started combat 3 spaces away. I managed to make him fall into a trap, at least...before he slaughtered me.

I was rapped on the night ;-; by 2 dogs ;-; ( IN THE GAME ! )

sometimes guns ( My cover was a shit , one shoot and PUM , YOU DIED . )

sometimes 2 Bad Muthas or 2 DOG LEADERS ( TIP : Always have a little stone to fuck they / him up ! Or a sling to shoot , DON'T SHOOT WITH SHOTGUNS , PISTOLS OR SOMETHING , it is soooooo stupid to use ammunition on a dog -' DOG LEADER . )

sometimes bite with bacteries , infectious ( i don't found antibiotics and i died for a infectious bite of a fucking dog . )

Just got my chest torn open by a dogman and died of cardiac arrest. After beating dozens of the things to death with your fists it's easy to become complacent. Was tired of dealing with that character's neverending stage 4 acute hepatitis anyway though, so no matter.

Yeah even if your unable to craft a spear you should always at least grab a stick for a little bit of range. I punch stuff to death all the time, but only after I knock it KO with ranged weapons.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
"Who wears short shorts?"
"We wear short shorts!"

My protagonist recently died because of shot to the leg (it was an arrow to the knee, I believe). What made this death more bizzare - he was camuflaged, used NV and was sneaking towards some hill, then - bam - got something in the leg - black screen.

Tu regere imperio populos, Romane, memento/hae tibi erunt artes/pacisque imponere morem, parcere subiectis et debellare superbos.

I suppose it doesn't count, but I died by not realizing that cleaning up flash cookies in my web browser would wipe out the game's save file:(

I'm still a beginner, and I had just had a day filled with dying from random early enemies and sepsis from wounds that piled up from fighting and scavenging accidents, but then.. I had the most wonderful magical start where I found a lighter early on followed by two(!) good condition nano-medkits in quick succession, each with 2 usages left, and then a shotgun with ammo and crowbar, not to mention a compound bow I left behind after I found the shotgun (no arrows anyway). I didn't even have a backpack or vehicle yet.

Felt it was a great point to save and quit for the night and kick ass the next day..... only to see an error today complaining that no save game was found:/.

I guess I at least know now to set NEOScavenger as protected in the BetterPrivacy Firefox plugin.

entered a dark forest and found myself within melee range of a spear holder and no weapon...

always keep one hand free for a weapon, or if your don't have bags big enough to do that yet, then spy on the forest

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