New Builds: Encumberance, Condition, and "Death by Everything" solved!

I just finished uploading new demo and beta builds, which should hopefully address a number of long-standing bugs. It was a multi-day, bug-fixing extravaganza, and probably not as exciting as I make it sound. The changes are subtle, to the casual observer, but they make the game play more consistently and reliably.

Demo Build 0.914d

Did you ever get the feeling that your items didn't weigh as much as they should? Did some things weigh more than they should? Do you ever wonder why you were still being penalized for an injury, despite having already healed it? Well wonder no longer! Today's fixes include:

  • "Death by everything" fixed! Woot! Turns out that it was a divide by zero bug. When the player attacked a creature, and their remaining moves matched their movement penalties, the turn would end and advance time by infinity, causing the starvation, dehydration, and hypothermia of the character, as well as the heat death of the universe.
  • Encumberance should now be tracking correctly. Previously, item weights would get screwed up when transferred, resulting in little or no encumberance penalties.
  • Fixed a bug in conditions getting stuck on player.
  • Fixed a bug in status bars that prevented conditions from returning to normal after dropping.
  • Item tooltips now show complete weight of container plus contents, rather than just the container item's weight.
  • Containers within containers no longer rotate when items are dropped into them.
  • Multitool Pocket knives now weigh 0.12kg instead of 12kg.

Beta Build 0.924b

As usual, the beta build includes all of the demo fixes above. Plus the following:

  • Fixed a bug in save/load games that caused some conditions to get stuck on player.
  • Fixed a bug in save/load which caused duplicate and phantom conditions.
  • Fixed a bug in save/load of containers which caused extra items to appear that weren't there before (e.g. default container treasure). This may have contributed to item collisions in containers in loaded games.
  • Fixed a bug in save/load of items which caused their rotations to reset. This often caused load-game items to appear as sticking out of containers, or overlapping other items.
  • Save games now properly support player's "Sneak" setting, restoring it when loaded.

A note about save games: a lot of the fixes above will only apply to save games created in fresh games as of build 0.924b. Save games from older builds may be corrupt in some ways. As such, there's probably not much I can do to fix issues caused by old save games. However, if the issue happened on a new game started after 0.924b, definitely let me know!

So that's it for today's build news. They're not the most exciting changes (except maybe the everything death bug fix), but they make the foundations of the game that much stronger. Having these things fixed should make future features easier to install, and more reliable. And if this fixes most of our save game issues, I think I should be able to start on our next user-voted feature: player camps!