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Display time of day

It's not that hard to roughly estimate the time of day, so why not display it? It's easy to count the turns since sunrise, but after a pause of several days I usually have no idea if it's morning or afternoon.

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yeah I agree. it's all that hard unless there's an overcast so thick it almost seems night anyway to tell were the sun is

Or if you want to get fancy, add watches to the game. You could see morning / afternoon / evening instead of just "day", or actual time if you use a watch. Various electronic devices could also provide time if you have them on.

I agree. Since the day is already separated into 3-9-3-9 hour periods, why not enhance it with the names for each 3-hour phase of day, something like it this cycle:

(Twilight)Dawn (5-7am) ->
(Day)Morning (8-10am) -> Mid-day (11am-13pm) -> Afternoon (14-16pm) ->
(Twilight)Dusk (17-19pm) ->
(Nighttime) Night (20-22pm) -> Mid-night (23pm-1am) -> Late Night (2-4am)

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I like it.

Great idea.

How about a digital watch item with very low charge consumption rate?

How about a self-winding watch?

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That a good idea, so say a mechanic or electrician could make a makeshift watch

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I dont know about crafting a watch, they are complicated systems. But a good crystal watch lasts for years without batteries, maybe as a high end item if watches are really necessary. I know a mere rough system of morning noon night would suit me for now.