Chief's Adventures

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Chief's Adventures

I awoke to find myself in a small room with several strange capsules inside, scared and afraid (So I should be) I hear a something coming down from the halls below, I took my stance and then "It" walked in. It was a large furry beast, about 7ft with claws the size of my finger length, I took it down in ease but it did scare me. Then several questions popped up in my head when the adrenaline started to wear out, where am I? What was this beast? Why was I inside one of these capsules? Then I suddenly noticed in the corner of my eye a small pocket knife, I then picked it up and in frustration started to stab at the beast. I was furious, frustrated with what has happened to me, I needed a plan, a good one, and then it hit me. If, if this is the end of the world I need to prepare, hesitantly I thought of the beast. I needed some clothing and fast the cold was driving me to a breaking point, I then skinned the animal (If it even was an animal) and wore that as something to clothe myself in.

I took a video of me whooping that "Things" arse and the knife with me, I stepped out into the world, going through a lot of overgrowth I found myself in a carpark. I started to head to sounds of vehicles nearby, but I was unsure of how I should procede. If the world was in an apocalypse they surely wouldn't be friendly. After heading towards the location of the sounds, I found myself staring at a small complex, checking to make sure there "were" actual people there I spotted a few men and women walking in towards an entrance into the complex, however some were being sent in with chains on, so I was a bit worried and decided to leave it be. I explored for a while, spending my time searching buildings and shacks in the forest until it was night. I saw a strange glow far east and thought it was the best thing to head towards right now. The next day I awoke from the earthen ground beneath this elegant forest and headed towards where the glow was. I found a decent .45 Caliber Pistol containing 4 bullets and found a spear hidden amoung the rafters of a house. While heading in that direction I thought I was being watch which unerved me for quite a while until I found another beast following me. It was massive, didn't look human in anyway and came at ferocious speed, I tried to take it down with the pistol but missed every shot, thinking quickly I pulled out my spear at sat in a defensive stance hopefully looking menacing, the creature still kept charging at me without even noticing until my spear lay in its skull. I started to run in the direction of the glow because I thought more of those hideous beasts were following me. Then I saw it, a marvelous metropolis reaching into the skies, walls towering over a large amount of caravans and tarp lean-to's. I started to walk in the direction of the gates and lined up eagerly waiting to be let in.

I then saw people showing then hands to of which had bracelets attached to them, quickly thinking that I needed one of these "bracelets" I was about to leave the line when a large robot grabbed me and revealed my arm, then saying that I have no ID and was placed outside immediately. I noticed a man wearing a nice coat and hat watching me, I then walked over to him seeing if he knew anything about these "Bracelets", he told me his name was "Hatter" and I followed him to building that appeared to of been placed on the wrong side of the walls. We went down an old style elevator to an underground complex of which he told me a mission that I must do. I must retrieve a silver urn by a house near a lake and return to him for my prize, one "DMC" bracelet. I quickly thought to myself, this must be a trap, so instead of taking the mission I handed him the tape I retrieved from the place of whence I came. He watched the whole thing, including his guards of which were now stepping away from me ever so slightly, Hatter then told me that I could enter free of charge, placing the bracelet in my hands I smiled with joy, leaving the complex untouched by any of his guards. I made my way to the gate this time a little less nervous and pulled out my arm to show the large robot, he then scanned it, told me my ID number and led me through the gate. I was in, never before have I seen a city of this magnitude and was marveled by its wonders, creating an almost clean sensation all over me. I then realised that I was being sprayed by something far above me, while looking up I noticed a sign saying "HAGGERTY HEALTH CLINIC". Spurred on by my courage I enter inside to find a nice nurse heading towards me, it must of been my coat that she noticed instantly and started to head backwards, away from me. Annoyed and befuddled I exited the clinic and walked around the city for a bit. Then I came to a lovely diner, called the "Red gnome". I entered inside and bought myself a large plate with chicken and pasta. Diving straight into the meal, I then realised when I finished that the waitress was about to hand me the bill, I payed it however I didn't leave a tip feeling that the chicken was a bit overdone.

I decided to camp outside the walls, seeing as I didn't want to pay rent for a place inside. The next day I re-entered the gate to go back to the Red Gnome for another meal, again I didn't leave a tip but never thought much of it. I completely forgot about why I was in the cryo chambers until it was too late. The next day I returned to the diner for another meal and to my shock the chef started to run at me, yelling at me for not paying them a tip for there services. I kept running until I was finally out, however still starving I thought I might wait till the chef left the diner and come back in later tonight. I never saw the chef leave, however I thought he couldn't of been in there for that long so I entered anyway. I then sat down and saw outside was quite foggy now, appearing almost as a blanket of snow was right outside the window. To my surprise the chef was still here, and this time was carrying a meat cleaver charging at me, I ran out onto the road, trying to get away from the chef. Then it hit me, literally.

The end.

This is off from my story, but if anyone didn't know already, don't chase after Yezinka, they ripped my eyes out in seconds.