Suggestions for Achievements!

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Suggestions for Achievements!

Apologies if this idea has already been done to death, but I'd love to see some ACHIEVEMENTS with this game. They provide a fun sense progress as you get better at the game and try different things.

So if achievements were added to NEO Scavenger, what kind of achievements would you like to see?

My suggestion to kick it off:

Janitor of the Wasteland

(For destroying a ridiculous amount of stuff lying around on the ground. It seems like I'm always cleaning up after other people out there, clearing away their spoiled meat and junk...)

This was indeed suggested, though long time ago. Still, while your post is not an issue for me, I'm dropping this little link here in case people will want to come in and add to the content - so they will be aware of the earlier discussion, raised issues and already suggested achievements.

Thanks for adding that link Scavenger, excellent discussion and ideas there... mostly from earlier this year, but there are a few comments that are only a few months old. I should have caught it and added to the discussion there, apologies.

Of course, there's good reason for a refreshed interest in this topic. Now that the game is on Steam (where I picked it up) some sort of achievements etc will be something a lot of players will be looking for and expecting.

To each their own, but I've never considered 'what others expect' to be a good reason to do something. What if they come to expect your game to be crappy?

Yes but on Steam there's the marketing side to consider. In marketing "what others expect" is sometimes a very good reason to do something.