Back In the Saddle Again

A week after the Steam launch, things are finally calming down, and I had a good chunk of time to look into smaller bugs today. I started triaging my bug/feature list, and tried to snipe as many of the low-risk, quick fixes as I could, so they can be in v0.981 next week.

Here's what I covered today:

  • Added code to prevent AI stealing sleeping bag when player using it.
  • Added code to prevent AI stealing recipe papers, since it caused big messages in log.
  • Added 4 of Josh's new music tracks to game.
  • Added message in log when creature's activity causes another creature to wake up in battle.
  • Added shards of glass on ground in cryo facility, to match broken window.
  • Added code to ignore electric charges and software in crafting screen.
  • Fixed bug that allowed water sources like rivers to be used in some boiling recipes, causing it to be destroyed.
  • Fixed overlapping graphics on vehicle screen. Changed layout.
  • Fixed bug in Isotope Mine encounter that prevented player from declining Bob's offer after asking about hot bricks.
  • Changed wound healing rates to be slower, especially when more severe.
  • Changed fire extinguish recipe to always produce 2 ash, instead of 1-2.
  • Changed hexes to offer more camps to choose from.

It felt really good to be making progress on the game again! And I'm looking forward to getting this next build out soon. I think it'll smooth many of the bumps people have noticed.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, and see you Monday!