Height of shelter

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Height of shelter

Shelter is unbalanced.

Should be better shelter in cities and be able to choose wich height in a city you set up shelter (basement, ground, mid, roof).
Thus giving different perks to the shelter.

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The amount of shelter a hex offers already varies based on the contents (city, ruins, woods, etc). While I'd love to see more choices regarding shelters in urban areas via camp selection (have you checked out the Cryo on your return trip?), I expect this is a bit down on the totem pole of requested features.

I'm afraid that Dan won't have time enough for going in this topic in such detail. However a simpler method can be implemented - a new camp grounds, using same stats as right now, but taking into consideration, the localization of the spot.

Right now there are those campsites implemented:
- Any Old Spot on The Ground
- The Woods
- Burned-out Apartment
- A Ruined Bungalow
- Exam Room 17

I guess it wouldn't be too hard to add few more to choose from, for example:
- Half-buried Basement (minimal space, good Concealment)
- Apartment Building Rooftop (good Concealment, weak Shelter)
- Dusty Attic (average I guess)

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would be nice if you could make other "structures" for shelter aswell other then a tarp n 2 sticks. a stick n leaf lean to while not the best at shelter would be a lot harder to see in the forest then a bright blue tarp for example

Good idea. Yeah a lean-to would be a good option to have. One large stick and a bunch of mediums. Would give mediocre shelter and decent concealment.

I think adding more campsites to town hexes is the way to go, it uses the xisting mechanism.

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