HELP Dogmen pack! See screenshot

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HELP Dogmen pack! See screenshot

OH GOD is this a bug or is this....bad luck? What should i do omg?


I don't know, maybe... RUN!

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like, run, run, and run, and when you cant see them anymore, keep on running.

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Lol yeah bad luck. Ruuuuuun!

Yeah, you have 5 moves. Use them to get as far away as possible.


Bad luck old chap.

I would recommend that your next course of action involve running for the hills!

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*

maybe try offering them liver n bacon treats and see if they won't kill you :D I wouldn't suggest human liver though as it might give the wrong idea

Running is likely best. If you have a strong combat set up, good equipment, and are quite lucky, you can survive an encounter with such a pack, but don't count on it.

Yeah....ummm.....RUN! Fighting 2 unarmed bandits is hard enough! Hope you survive friend!