Anyone knows when 0.981 is released?

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Anyone knows when 0.981 is released?

Does anyone know if the new version with the unlimited turns bug is released soon?

I hope to have 0.981 uploaded soon. I think it's mostly stable, and ready for public consumption. I've just been looking through my notes to see if there are any critical fixes that are worth adding before uploading.

Currently, I'm aiming for early next week.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Did you remember to add in the fix for cabins in the woods giving almost no loot? You know, the balancing thing that got unbalanced when scavenge results were reduced across the board. It'd be really nice to have one of my favorite spots back in the "useful" column.

Sweet thank you a lot for answering me :) I really love it wow it's the first time a game developper talks to me i feel privileged

ikr, xD love it
Cant wait for .981 to come out with new encounters and stuff :) ready to see main questline progressing

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