Zom Zom's Retcon, Steam Demo, and Combat Fix

I spent a good chunk of the day reworking the Zom Zom's encounter to reflect the recent cannibalism changes. Now, the encounter should acknowledge your eating of BBQ in a similar way to other parts of the game. It took a bit of clever wiring to make the old encounter handle the different cases, but it seems to be working now.

While I was in there, I also fixed the admission fees for Zom Zom's. They weren't taking away items used to pay for admission in all cases, and part of it was that the old encounter design used a lot of redundant nodes to cover the various input types.

Since the time when that encounter was designed, I've added the ability to accept any crafting ingredient in encounters, so I just created a crafting property called "stuff Zom Zom's wants to trade for" and added it to a bunch of items. Now, I just have one node in the encounter that accepts any item with that property, instead of 6 different nodes that all do similar things for each item.

I also did a bit more testing of the Concrete Forest encounter, and I think I've got that finished now. There were a few more minor bugs to clean up, and I decided to add a couple branches in strategic places where the player can access their inventory to get special tools ready.

During the course of my testing, I also stumbled across yet another cause of combat bugs. This time, it appeared when the lone opponent in a player's battle dies of cardiac arrest, freezing the combat screen. I think I've got that fixed now, and combat seems to be behaving. I'm pretty confident that the endless turn bug is much rarer now, if not completely gone.

Finally, it looks like the NEO Scavenger Steam demo might be ready to go. Valve answered my last outstanding question, and offered to publish it, so we may see it as soon as tomorrow!

I'm really hoping that having the demo there has a positive effect on my marketing stats. I may run a "marketing visibility" test to see if it has improved my customer purchase ratio. If so, perhaps Valve will consider promoting me on the storefront, which would be a big help in getting the word out!

That's all for today. I hope everyone has a good evening, and see you tomorrow!