Am i doing something wrong?!

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Am i doing something wrong?!

This is my character am i doing something wrong guys? I'm new to the game IMAGE(

First off Toupz, congratulations on the great finds so far. You seems to have a pretty good load-out. You have good weapons so far, and you seem to have a good supply of medicine if you get into a scrape. You could use some clean rags for bandages though. It seems you are suffering from heat exhaustion. It should pass after the caffeine from the soda wears off. If not, take off your coat to cool down. You seem to be well equipped otherwise, with optics, shoes, light sources, and a vehicle. Also, you should make a sling (rags and string) for a hand ranged weapon. This neat little item can hold 2 rocks (or some pebbles for less lethal effects) to hurl at your opponents. Enough rocks should slow them down, drive them away, or even kill them.

You are doing a great job surviving out there! Good luck!

Wow well thank you so much for the feedback i really appreciate it, i just have a few questions, should i stop pushing the cart when i get into a fight? And do i need the ranged skill to craft a sling?

You are very welcome Toupz. It was no trouble. You should not stop pushing the cart. If you stop pushing the cart your enemy could very easily grab it then make a quick retreat with your loot! So drive him away, kill him, or run away. Also, you do not need any skills to craft the sling. It is a very primitive weapon, but a very useful one. The only downside of crafting a sling is: if you don't have the "Ranged" skill you won't be effectively accurate with it, and stones take up 2 blocks of inventory space, and only have a stack of 2 items.

I hope that helps answer your question.

Not true. I have NEVER seen an enemy attempt to loot an item during a fight (ignoring arrows pulled out of wounds), vehicles included. You just need to make sure to reequip it before the fight is over. Dropping the cart is an especially useful skill for anyone using the "ranged attack, run, repeat" strategy.

That said, yeah, don't drop it BEFORE a fight. Always end your turn assuming that anything on the ground is fair game for Looters.

Also, get some more water bottles, mate. Aren't you getting thirsty without anything to drink?

I drink from lakes but i haven't figured out yet how to boil water with my saucecan i tried combining saucecan+water but it doesnt work

Need a fire

For a detailed explanation read the wiki:

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool