Need help! Cannot enter dmc

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Need help! Cannot enter dmc

Help please i retrieved the urn i required from the lake now i'm going to hatter outside of the glow and there's no event popping up or anything? What happend did the guy leave or something? Seems like a bug maybe? Help please

Did you return to him after taking up the task but before having the urn?

Because if you do that, at first he will warn you that he does not like people who do not do their jobs and waste his time. And on your second return without the urn he just kicks you out and don't want to work with you anymore.

Same goes if you come to him with the urn, but do not chose to give it to him - if you read carefully, the only other option than giving it to him is not a "Leave" but something like "Disappoint the Hatter".

Maybe that's it?

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Yes i mistakenly '' bumped '' on his hex after taking the task, damn it i'm screwed is there any other way i can enter the city?

Yes, there is (and it's not even a spoiler really). You can always buy the DMC Pass on the junk market. And I am sure you will be happy to know it costs only $3000 :D

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ONLY? 3000?!?!!!!!! Ah well i'm out of the dmc for sure.... or i gotta find those whisky bottles and rifles to trade lol

Try trading in dogman fur and meat. A single dogman corpse, if prepared correctly, will fetch a good price. Selling medicine works too.

Do i need the trapping skill for that?

For the dogman fur, I think you do need trapping, elsewise you just get the meat. Which can still sell for a pretty good price if you don't let it rot before you get to the Junk yard. Just don't try to sell them human meat. They get upset at that. As in they will lynch you.

I tend to play a heavy melee charecter, so hunting down some looters to intimidate or kill is fairly easy. Most of their stuff is junk, but shoes can sell for a good price, as can tools. Bullets are of course a cash windfall, and pills can be great if you've the Medial to identify them. Do make sure to take them out of the bottle and identify them properly for maximum profits.

EcchiKitty was spot on with that one. You would need trapping to get the fur from a dogman.

As stated medicine, guns, and ammo all sell really well. You can even make a quick couple hundred just finding a few junk backpacks, filling them with boots, and tossing them on a sled.

Might I suggest to those players who wisely chose Ranged skill at creation:
Make Greenwood bows. A large tree branch, a medium string and something with an edge = quick $40 at the shop.
You can carry a couple of them (generally one or two in your hands or on a sled) and sling one on your back.
They can be made for dirt cheap like 4-5 hexes from the Junk Shop.

Where is the junk shop? Is it in the DMC?

Outside, one hex below the gate

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Thanks! Another question, this slightly more on-topic...

When you're done with your thing for Hatter and he gives you the wristband he tells you to come back and see him if you're looking for work, but I can see no way to do this. Is that not in the game yet? Or maybe I just need to wait longer?

To the best of my knowledge that is not in the game.

Without the Trapping skill it's still possible to get some pieces of fur from a dogman.

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