Survived 13 days, got killed by a dog man

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Survived 13 days, got killed by a dog man

Help please i was not north of the map and a dog man showed up, i decided to go attack it and started slicing it with my meat cleaver but it ended up brutally killing me, is there any tip for killing a dog man and why was a dog mean west from the cryo facility? Can someone answer me please i love this game i got pwned

All NPCs in game can do most things, juts like the player. So if a Dogman was following someone, a Deer or a human, he might traveled far from his spawning grounds. There are no magic barriers keeping monsters away - in one of my games a single Dogman made himself a hunting ground just outside of the DMC, killing literary dozens of Looters before I managed to put him down :D

And about the best way to deal with them, as is with most things in life, is to shoot them with a shotgun :D Shooting with bow while retreating is also a generally good monster hunting tactic. Athletic skill helps outrun them - both when utilizing hit-and-run tactic and when running away. If you want to defeat one in melee fight, you must be quite accustomed/experience with combat system (also Strong and Melee + Tough preferably).

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Thanks for the tips bud, i did have strong+tough+melee but i guess the dog man was Lucky and really took be by surprise...i already lost blood before the fight too.

With a good melee weapon and strong+tough+melee it's certainly feasible to stand toe-to-toe with a Dogman and win, but it's risky. Those claws of theirs are mean and they're very good fighters. One bad roll of the RNG is all it takes for them to rip you a new one.

As Kaaven says, ranged is generally a safer option. Buckshot soothes the savage beast.

Using ranged weapons is also a good tactic. Personally I always have a sling and rocks on hand if I run into trouble.

dogmen in melee can be done fairly safely if you just use some common sence. I have a range strong toon I'm playing atm who actively hunts dogmen with a broad spear.

once in melee range dodge and parry like crazy. once dogmen use their beserk attack that leaves them unable to do anything for a turn you either use the single attack or if you have the option dump an obstacle onto them. if you attack them go back to dodging. obstacle will hopefully of dropped them to fallen. that's when you stab and kick them till they get back up. rinse and repat till you got a dead dogman

Thanks guys i just fought a dogman on my new character, managed to kill it but died of bloodloss one turn later lol

I also really recommend a broad spear. I like to carry two. Throw one when you're getting close and stab with the other. The extra reach of a spear is super useful in keeping you out of range of their claws.

How do i craft a spear?

large branch, glass shard, small string, melee or ranged skill


::edit:: ah, close

Any Combat Skill (Melee/Ranged)

Long, Rigid, Flexible Shaft (1)

Sharp Edge (1, T)

Small or Medium, Flexible, Non-Food Object (1)

Small, Rigid, Sharp Edge with Point (1)

Like I said I like to carry two. I throw the lowest quality one and stab away with the other.

Thanks a lot bud

Just gonna point something out, fighting Dogmen in meele is A LOT about luck with the first 2-3 hits, what wins the fight is blunt you have much better chanche if you breake a few bones, give him an concussion or knowck him down and when possible always kick its just the GOD move, you could think that if you cause him to bleed hell die but the thing is... he can die but will you survive and you survive by knocking him down so he cant hit you. >___> the person that can defeat dogmen but not radiers that come in with bare hands and kill you even though you have tough, because thats how greed works. <--- Yeah thats me.

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