Cannablism question

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Cannablism question

I know that after the player sinks his teeth into human meat, he develops a taste to it and I read that after awhile, with repeated consumption he becomes addicted and becomes a glutton for human meat.

Let's say the player eats a human on day 1. If he takes a long break before eating human meat again, will he not be dependent, or is it scripted to become a glutton no matter how long you wait before your next consumption?

That is a very good question. While I am not entirely sure, I would think that if you waited long enough that the symptoms would go away. However, there is a point of no return, and if you go past it, you will become dependant on human meat for survival.

I hope that helps answer your question.

I would think so, too and hope that you're right.

(x=human consumption, r=regular food, g=glutton)

Basically, I'm just worried he's going to develop a gluttonous taste and I have to restart, since he's a beast right now.

It goes something like that (big spoiler ahead):

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Normal --> First man-sandwich (manwich?) --> time of whatever (doesn't matter what you eat) --> second man-sandwich --> time of whatever 2 --> the man-sandwich that makes you REALLY hungry :D

It doesn't matter how much you try, once you go down this path, there is no turning back.

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I see. So you're penalized even if you go on the wagon; no matter how long you wait for your next consumption.
That sucks, thanks.
Would make sense more if it was timed based, rather than scripted.

It's actually a bit more complex than that (of course!), but Kaaven's pretty close.

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Eating human meat is cumulative, as you guys have said. However, progressing the "wendigo psychosis" condition is not guaranteed, and has some elements of chance.

The first human meat automatically starts the chain. Then, there is a short period of time during which cannibalism has no additional effects. After that time, there is a periodic window of opportunity during which cannibalism advances the psychosis to the next stage.

The next stage works a lot like the one above, except this one now starts to have penalties for eating regular food instead of human meat. Again, there are periodic windows during which another cannibalism act will further progress the psychosis.

The final stage is full "wendigo psychosis," during which the victim is always hungering for more.

All stages are incurable for now. However, there is one way to cure it that I'd like to add in the future.

Hopefully, that helps explain for those who are curious!

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My character just became cannibal!