Progress on Encumberance and Conditions, But No New Builds Yet

Well, it was an interesting day inside NEO Scavenger's source code. What I thought would be a couple of quick, effective fixes to encumberance and status conditions turned out to be an epic wrestling match. The number of bugs I found in the systems made me chant the phrase all too well-known to developers: "how did this ever work, in the first place?"

Bugs were found, squashed, and in squashing them, new bugs found. Some bugs were hiding other bugs. And in some cases, the bug actually counteracted another bug, causing more damage when it was fixed. And in one case, I rewrote a whole subsystem only to have to undo it all again.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, that means the code is in no state for me to push new builds to the server tonight. We'll have to go one more night with the quirky issues from yesterday's builds.

The Good News

However, I think the fixes are getting close, and I should be able to upload them tomorrow. One of these fixes makes the encumberance system work, which previously appeared to be meaningless. Those players who previously used "Feeble" as a crutch for more power might find it a little more punishing in tomorrow's build :)

Also, a lot of the fixes to status conditions mean that they should behave more reliably, including across the save/load process. I don't know if it'll solve all the black-screen loading issues, but it should address some of them.

That's it for today's update. Sorry it wasn't a new build, but hopefully the coming fixes will be worth the wait!