Really enjoying this game

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Really enjoying this game

Cant deny this games been hella fun. I am having somewhat of a hard time surviving past the 7-8 day mark tho.

My normal setup is...
strong/tough (not sure which is better for my play style)

I normally use medic at the cryo lab to avoid the fight

First thing i do is go to a forest and make a tree branch and when i find a shard i make a spear (i rush a broadspear asap)

My next step is to make a slingshot and collect stones

I personally think the sling shot is worlds better then the bow.

With stones i almost always seem to cripple an enemies limb/knock them down, and i even make them cough up blood super fast.
Funniest moment was when i crippled both of a bandits arms and just punched him to death since he couldnt fight back.

Also spears count for ranged so i get the bonus if i need to use it.

I normally head north because the city doesnt seem like a safe place to go.

I keep empty bottles with me at all times to make noise makers for when i sleep. (sadly when i died in my last playthrough i only could make 3 noise makers and rng let 3 wolves find me)

Any tips based on the information i provided?

1. Do not head north, dogmen live there. It's usually quite safe near DMC.
2. Use pill bottles to make noise traps, they are smaller than water bottles.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

made it to the dmc. what do i do now tho? seems i have to venture pretty far to loot anything.

After I make it to the DC I generally take advantage of the junk market to fill any gaps in my equipment that I wasn't able to scavenge on the way there. Heal up, fill your belly, pursue what (limited at the moment) encounters are present and enjoy the flavor text. Consider saving up for pricey surgical augmentations.

In addition to random encounters there are also a handful of other places of interest in the game world that have interesting series of events that vary from game to game. It may take you several visits to see all the branching sequences of possibilities. I've been playing Neo Scavenger on and off for over a year and still occasionally run across events or outcomes I haven't seen before.

So if you've reached the city and feel you've run out of things to do there, my suggestion is to get back out into the wasteland and keep exploring.

got killed by traffic >_< made it to 12 days tho sling shot is seriously all u need in this game.

I decided to have some fun tho and found a group of 5 bandits. i slowly picked them all off and ate them >_> (i was hungry and hunting deer is way to annoying)

I'm loving this game too! It's so unforgiving, one mistake and you're in big trouble! Even when you think it's going good things can instantly change. Lastnight I had a decent amount of supply's set up in a small town that 2 bandits tryed to raid, even with a shotgun to threaten with the 2 idiots charged me! One even got close enough and started kicking me so I made a hastey retreat, the thought of losing everything was terrifying!