Tips from the Apocalypse #1

Just realized there is some confusion in the demo as to sleeping vs. end turn. If this is you, here's a handy tip!

When you move, you use up movement points. When those points are exhausted, press End Turn to finish your turn, and replenish those points. Creatures will each take their turns, then you can move again. I've even mapped this to the spacebar, so you can use it frequently without having to click the little green button.

Do not use the Sleep button unless you need to! Sleeping does what it says, you lie down, close your eyes, and nasty creatures will kill you if they see you!

I'm working on a new demo and beta build now, which should hopefully clear that up a bit.

Stay safe and alert, and happy scavenging!


New demo and beta builds uploaded, which should help address this issue. Now, the End turn button lights up when moves are exhausted, and the sleep button is not visible unless the player has been awake for at least 16 hours.

Hopefully, that should make things a bit clearer. Keep me posted if any other issues arise!