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Probably stepping way out of my boundaries with this one, but curious if our'choices' would affect the ending in any way possible- if I were to suggest one component, our skill choices at start could affect the ending- mechanic would become regular folks in dmc one day, and someone with strong/melee could be one of hatters goon and so forth...
Just would like to see our choices affecting ending, is all.

On unrelated note, addition of bounty hunting? I.e kill certain amount of dogman, or sumpin like that. I feel like there are at least one benevolent influential citizen in dmc that could occasionally hire people like that.

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It is planned that at the end the player will leave Michigan and start NEO Scavenger 2.

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A dogman fur sells for quite a bit. That's kinda like a bounty.

I haven't worked out the exact details of the ending yet, but as Malacodor says, it might involve escaping Michigan to continue looking for clues.

I do want the player's choices to have some impact, though. I haven't figured out how I want to do this yet, and it might be too hard for me to do it right. But I'm keeping it in mind!

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I would think a personally tailored ending depending on player's choices would be extremely difficult for one person, but it is possible!

I just got the ending for the first time! To be honest it was a bit too easy to get, all you really have to do is get to Camp Grayling and do a few things. I'm not sure if there's other ways to escape, but the one I'm mentioning is the easiest. If I were to seriously speedrun a game in my lifetime, it'd be this game. Also I feel as if the ending changes depending on everything you did prior, because if your run was very long you'd definitely look back a bit, not to mention the character info being shown to you once you finish.

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