2 left feet

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2 left feet

I was able to equip a left shoe on each foot.. is that ok?

Yes, it's OK. At first it was supposed to be a problem, but Dan decided it was not really adding anything to the game. And if you are the kind of person who like to role-play, just assume that the wrong boot is like two sizes bigger, so it more or less fits :D

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This gives me an idea for an advertisement: "NEO Scavenger 2, now with different shoe sizes!"
I'm sure some people would like that.

Edit: Hm, I'd probably like that myself.

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Yeah, I used to force the correct shoe on the correct foot, but some folks reminded me that there are not only multiple shoe sizes out there, but also male/female shoes. So really, we can't be too picky about having something on our feet!

Maybe if there's bonus time in my schedule, I'll have to add "shoes that don't fit" as possible loot items :)

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