Nanorobot medical kit worth it?

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Nanorobot medical kit worth it?

I'm finding that carrying around the 4kg NRMK does not work well with my style of play. While it is an extremely useful item, and imo very well balanced item, I can't seem to justify having such a bulky item along with a fully packed medical kit. What do you guys think?


That is one of the hard choices that makes this game so cool.

I personally sell them off, as I prefer mobility over over-securing myself. The only time I want to have one on me is when I'm about to go exploring far away from the city, as at that point I have my gear set and am not planning any big scavenging.

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Which leads into another point: There really needs to be some way to securely save stuff. I remember in one thread someone made a suggestion of a self storage facility that could be rented out. That would be a really nice addition.


In my opinion, it would be a good idea to have the nanobot kit in one's travels. This is probably because I love to have neat stores of things in my inventory, as in a constant supply of water and a medical kit. The nanobot kit would be there in case of an emergency, and would be necessary in a bad scrape with a dogman. In that case there could possibly be more around, and a medkit with sufficient supplies would not suffice for a quick recovery. You need the nanobots to sew you up and resupply your blood so you can get the hell out of there!

In support of the "safe storage" idea, I think a safe would be a great idea. I am going to find somewhere to post a thread or a comment about the metal/electronic safe somewhere people interested in it can see.

I hope that helps answer your question.

I have never died from wounds (directly or indirectly due to starvation, etc) where a NRMK would have made the difference. If I can't bandage it and heal the old fashioned way, it's probably because I'm on the ground being mauled by a dogman that evaded my traps and snuck within 3 squares while I was asleep.

There's precious little justification to carrying a loaded kit (Heavy!) unless I'm on my way to the Junk Shop.

I also find this to be the case. Never has my character so close to dying, in a combat scenario, that the NRMK would have saved me. Either I can fight off the assailant, or I'm killed. If I can fight them off, I've always been able to limp off, bandage up, and live to fight another day.


Even in situations where you would otherwise survive your injuries, I find being able to accelerate your recovery from more savage beatings a significant boon. With the addition of craftable vehicles especially I see no reason not to haul around a fully charged NRMK.

The below image is my loadout from a fairly recent game. I'd describe it as pretty much what passes for an "end-game" state in Neo Scavenger. In that playthrough I was hauling around two loaded NRMKs and a few redundant firearms for sale "just because," and everything you see on the screen is still man-portable after dropping the woodlands rubbish. That's not a cache, that's what I was travelling around with.

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tldr version: They can save your life and I don't really see a good reason not to carry a kit with at least one charge. I think there's plenty of space. Your mileage may vary.

Very impressive work. I love the setup you made for yourself. I would prefer a dogman fur coat though :D

I had to laugh at the clown head. Especially in the context of "necessary loadout." It makes total sense, mind you, but to someone outside the game, it'd be just so random.

This is a really useful discussion, and I'm happy to see voices on both sides of it. If the NRMK is disposable to some, and indispensable to others, then it might just be balanced right.

Personally, I'd be tempted to carry one "just in case," but I'm also a bit of a hoarder. Encumbrance could probably make me reconsider, given that I'm careful enough to usually live without.

That said, the comments here about being able to heal easily remind me that I was going to look into healing rates. I feel like I typed that out somewhere in my notes, but I haven't found it yet.

Namely, I'm wondering if the healing rate in the game might still be too fast. I might've bumped it up long ago as a balancing technique, but maybe the reason for it has expired?

I bet this is exactly what I said last time, and didn't decide one way or the other, which is why I have no "to do" notes :)

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I don't really like the idea of a safe storage. Part of the problem in an post-apocalyptic world (or just if you're homeless) is that you don't have a safe place to store your valuables. If you want to protect it and keep it safe, you have to carry it with you. The people pushing shopping carts around aren't doing it for the exercise, they got everything they own with them to make sure nobody steals it.

The problem with the game mechanic right now is that it doesn't distinguish between the ground and your campsite. Presumably you would not put up your camp in the middle of Times Square. You would find somewhere with shelter and off the beaten track. The chances of someone just stumbling into your camp should be small (unless they are skilled trackers), especially if your have the Hiding skill and know how to stay out of sight. The stuff you put down in your camp should not be known to anyone who hasn't discovered your camp. And if someone discovers your camp and your are there and awake to defend it, you should be given the choice to do so or to make a run for it with whatever you have the time to pick up. The further the distance the invader has to the camp, the more time you have to gather your gear. But if you're woken up by the thief standing next to you, you shouldn't be able to run away with anything other than the stuff you have in your pockets. Or you could try to fight the thief.

Depending on how long the story ends up, and how tough it is, I would argue that there needs to be some kind of safe storage item or area. I would lean towards having a place in the DMC which you could rent out if that option were to be made available. In my current game, I'm at a point where I've already gotten most of the top-tier weapons and items. So now all I can really do is either sell things, be horrifyingly wasteful, or carry around all my stuff.


It would make sense that something like that existed in the DMC, considering it's a functioning society. A safety deposit box in the Detroit bank or something. But out in the badlands, I find the challenge of surviving with only the gear I can realistically carry, one of the game's biggest selling points. Having to prioritize and sometimes leave behind valuable gear are part of the important choices that few other games force you to make.

Personally I think the safe could be easily implemented into the game, and it could be balanced. There is a thread in the suggestions section if you would like to look into it.