Tending projectile wounds

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Tending projectile wounds

As we all know, bullets and arrows occasionally can stay in body
How about necessity to remove bullets and arrows from the body?
There is already mechanic to clean wounds (with water or alcohol)
Expanding it would be awesome, but instead of liquids multitool could be used
But since it must be painful, pulling out projectile would cause immense pain
(so taking painkillers prior to that is advisable)

After projectile is removed, there should be high chance of heavy bleeding
Heavy bleeding is quite a risk, so stopping blood should be of high priority
Few ways to stop bleeding
1)applying bandage with shopping bag on top of it (you still lose blood, but bleeding will stop faster)
2)fire (lighter or lit torch- painful, but pain is better than death)
3)applying procoagulant (we need more liquids and pills that looks the same, but can only be recognized by medic)

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

I'm pretty sure there is such a mechanic for arrows -- but I haven't been shot with a bow since it was implemented. I do see my (unarmed) enemies pull my broad arrows out of their bodies (and take an additional minor wound thereby) fairly often. They can then use that same degraded arrow as an improvised melee weapon.

The injury system is already rather deep. Clean bandages are a priority and alcohol or clean water can be used to clense wounds. The idea of using a burning torch to stop bleeding... it's interesting. I wonder about the medical science behind it -- pretty sure the game systems are largely based on real-world medicine rather than TV medicine...

Assisted cauterization works, but the urgent removal of bullet fragments is pretty much television medicine. You'll probably do more harm than good digging around for it.

The current system of stopping bleeding by bandaging it and presumably applying pressure and raising the limb seems a pretty good state of affairs to me. I'd think theoretically even packing a deep wound with clean dressing would be more efficacious than going at it with a hot knife out in the woods. If you were to try hobo cauterization yourself I'd think you'd just be apt to pass out from pain and continue bleeding.

Cauterization of wounds could work in the game. It closes the wound to prevent blood loss, however it also increases risk of infection. See: link. I'd image that it also causes a huge amount of pain, which could be easily incorporated into current game mechanics.


Bullets, shots, rounds, stones and pebbles simply disappear when they hit a target. So there's no way and no need to remove any of these. Likes aesop says, removal of said munitions often does more harm than good.

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Yea but, i you think about it, you having an arrow inside of you leg would hurt whenever you walked on it and all the time, so taking out arrow would make sense, but bullets, you could get surgery at the clinic to get it removed. maybe having a bullet in you might not effect you that much, but you should get a penalty for having it in you, and an arrow should take away a movement point. and Cauterization would be a great idea like in a RL situation.

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I didn't mention arrows, since these can be removed. That removal of bullets isn't often the best alternative is even true for hospitals.

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Good point, by bad

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An FMJ round would be the most likely munition you'd be digging out. At close range, assuming no bones were hit, you'd have a clean wound that would only need some bandages and a lot of cursing and whiskey. At longer ranges, or if a bone was hit, the bullet would lodge itself inside you, possibly in pieces. Furthermore, you may be dealing with a shattered bone, crippling you. Only a skilled surgeon could do it, or someone with equivalent experience.

Good luck digging out hollow points.

Good luck digging out hollow points.

Totally awesome phrasing. I can see this as a Jayne Cobb/Casey(adam baldwin in firefly/chuck) line.

I agree the majority of bullet wounds would be through-and-through if they're direct hit. Combat here is at close range (even with guns - if a target can reach you within five shots thats close). If anything the system is rather lenient about gunshot wounds, which makes sense in game environment. I remember playing old NES games where you caught a bullet and game over. *shudder*

Jayne never gets the credit he deserves. I like you.

It's a tricky issue. Hollowpoints are sometimes more cohesive in a terminal medium than FMJ are. The desirable behavior for a hollowpoint is that it flattens to create a wider wound channel and comes to rest in the medium after achieving a target depth of penetration. By comparison, FMJ (especially spitzer type bullets like rifle rounds) have been known to yaw, break up into many, many fragments, and come to rest over a surprisingly large area if they don't exit the medium by way of an exit wound.

As anybody who's ever hunted or worked in EMS or a hospital setting can attest, bullets do sometimes exhibit strange behavior. There's plenty of incidents of a bullet entering somebody and coming to rest visibly just under the skin in a seemingly random location on the other side of the body. Imagine a gunshot victim has an entry wound in the ribs and you take off their pants to find a bullet-shaped lump protruding visibly near the groin. That happens.

I'm kind of getting away from discussions of gameplay balance, just wanted to say

1. bullets are magic
2. three cheers for Firefly, and Jayne.

Thanks guys! I am certainly happy with the plug hole and bandage system currently. Many games dont have a remove system inherent (Ive had many an skyrim character wandering about with arrows in uncomfortable places until the timer resets appearances). So even having to specifically bandage the injured limb/area is great realism for a beta development game. After all, no one knows for sure what will evolve before full release.