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User generated content?

I was wondering if Dan has considered using content created by fans. I have seen this successfully implemented before where the Dev uses assets created by the fanbase to allow for faster expansion of the game. There are already examples of this popping up. You could make your life easier if you made a list of things that you need and allowing the community to see if they can make anything of value for you. I'm not saying that you're doing a bad job or that you would need to use everything (or anything), but it would be neat for the fanbase to feel that they are contributing.


Oh yes, oh yes I have :)

I'd love to allow player modding, believe me. There's just a technical hurdle that's preventing me right now.

NEO Scavenger is built in Flash, which for security reasons, cannot access your hard drive the same way other programs do. I have limited options for how files get loaded and saved (part of the reason save games use Flash's "cookies" instead of normal files).

There is a tiny chance that I can find a way to load a .zip file or something with user mods in it, but I don't want to promise something I can't deliver.

Also, one alternative I'm considering is whether NEO Scavenger can load mods from the web via http. While Flash is terrible at accessing the hard drive, it is really good at loading webpages and web content. If some players are technical enough, I might be able to have NEO Scavenger load content from a website into the game. E.g. the player sets up a database or xml/php file on a website, and pastes the link into NEO Scavenger for it to load.

I'm not sure how many players would be comfortable with that, but it should work in theory.

In any case, though, I'm just being cautious about promising anything in case I can't find a way to do it.

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