Privacy Policy

Some folks have asked what my privacy policy is, and what I do with their registration/order data.

What Data Does Blue Bottle Games Collect?

During the registration process, Blue Bottle Games will collect the user's email address, a user-defined username, a user-defined password, and verification of age.

If the user orders something directly from Blue Bottle Games, Blue Bottle Games will receive an email confirmation of the order, which includes full name, billing address, email address, and IP address, along with order information such as the order number, Blue Bottle Games website user ID, and order date. This email is retained for 30 days in case of order issues, returns, or similar. Blue Bottle Games will delete any of these emails older than 30 days on the first business day of each month. FastSpring's privacy policy is linked below, for reference.

If the user subscribes to Blue Bottle Games's mailing list, the user's email is retained at MailChimp until the user unsubscribes. A double-opt-in subscription is required, and helps avoid mistaken or fake sign-ups. You can read MailChimp's Privacy Policy here.

If the user activated an account using the Desura Connect service (see below), Blue Bottle Games only stored your Desura user number and the ID of the NEO Scavenger game copy that you purchased, to verify that you were a valid Desura customer. No personally-identifiable information was recorded.

If the user posts a comment on an article or in the forums, their post may be processed by Mollom, a spam-prevention service. A link to their privacy policy will appear near the input form for comments if it applies. You may also read Mollom's privacy policy here.

How Is This Information Used?

In short, as little as possible.

Apart from the services mentioned above, I do not to share any customer's personal data with any other services. And I am committed to stand by that policy into the future. Any data collected by is solely used to validate your account, your purchase as a customer (if applicable), or to contact said customer if there are issues with an account or order.

I don't like spam, and I like to know my information is safe. I assume that's the case for others, too, so I treat their data as I would my own. Frankly, the less I have to do with anyone's data, the happier I am. I'm not interested in peddling user data. I prefer to focus on making games like NEO Scavenger.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, or feel I've left something out, please feel free to contact me at any time. You may also contact me if you wish for me to delete your account.

About FastSpring

If you purchase anything directly from Blue Bottle Games, your payment will be processed by our payment provider, FastSpring. FastSpring has its own privacy policy regarding information they collect during the order process.

I think you'll find that their policy is pretty respectful regarding user information, and that they only use the information to validate and deliver the order. However, I encourage you to read their policy for yourself.

About Desura Connect

Since Desura's bankruptcy and closing, all Desura Connect features have been disabled. The following information is for historical reference only.

Due to customer concerns about shared personal data during the Desura Connect process, I changed the account linking system to ignore all personal data.

Furthermore, I removed all such data from previous purchases.

What this means is that Blue Bottle Games only stored your Desura user number and the ID of the NEO Scavenger game copy that you purchased, to verify that you were a valid customer. No personally-identifiable information was recorded.

For further details, see this detailed discussion of the change.

Thank you to all the customers who helped me establish a more respectful and secure system!