This is a bit ridiculous...

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This is a bit ridiculous...

So it seems that I have encountered a roaming pack of looters:


Are the spawn rates supposed to be this high? Because this seems just a bit silly.


And moments later I died due to tripping and fracturing a rib. Such is life.


Whoa is that even posible?

Would a looter fight each other? What if you could sneak and just wait it out?

I didn't even know you could have this many looters on the map.

Although I have run into a swarm of Melon Heads once, and a seven-wolfman pack. I think sometimes you just have the game put a lot of NPCs on the same hex.

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Just so you know guys - creatures of the same type do not fight each other (at least should not do that), so looter will never fight another looter.

Also, in the last build Dan fixed an bug that caused creatures to be sometimes deleted at save game if they were on unexplored hexes ( - in Beta only part).

So my guess is, now that they don't disappear into the void from time to time, the looters may be more plentiful.

Dan needs to check into that - in one of my games there was a Dogman roaming around the DMC, near the swamps. Since he had plenty of weak looters to kill, after a week or so, the whole region looked like a massive graveyard with bodies and rotting meat on every third hex :D

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There's no spawn limit, the only limitation for the number of NPCs is death. And because in your game looters became the dominant NPC type death is much more likely for the other types (I think).

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Yeah, I might need to rework creature spawning a bit. I, too, saw a playthrough where looter corpses littered the fields near the DMC, and it sort of defeated the purpose of having no scavenge loot near the DMC :)

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