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Steam release

First of all, congratulations! There are not many games as deserving that big audience as NEO Scavenger. :)
Secondly, are the people who previously bought the game on this site and own it on Desura entitled to a free Steam key?
(pretty please?)

You can already get the Steam key. Just go Games -> Play Beta and below the game window you can find a Steam Key generator (that is of course, if you have a Beta access :).

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I wouldn't say entitled, but are we going to get a Steam key. I would like one too, I just wouldn't put it like that. I checked desura and there isnt any steam key under my accounts CD Keys. Will there be an e-mail going out or?

Also yes, congratulations on making it to steam! Very proud. I still have my Postcard you sent me. :P

Edit: You beat me to it, I was typing my message as you replied. Sneaky.

Thanks a lot. :) Keep up the good work.

Hey Guys! Kaaven beat me to it :)

Yes, both customers from this site and Desura key holders can claim a Steam key. For customers here, just visit the beta page, and the link for Steam key is at the bottom.

For Desura customers, you'll need to Connect your Desura account to an account here first, then you can see the Steam key link like regular users above.

Let me know if that gives you any trouble!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

It's telling me this on my desura site

All keys are in use, please wait for a site administrator to contact you with a key.

Hi heyhellowwhatsnew,

The keys are stored on this site, so that's probably why Desura gives you that message.

From your Desura account, you can click "Connect" to have your account here enabled with beta access, which will also give you your Steam key. The Connect feature is described here:

And the key will appear here, once Connected:

(It will be a Steam icon near the bottom right) Let me know if that helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

It worked! You rock! Thanks!