Angry Dialogue

I had to run a few errands in town today, so part of the day was disrupted for that. I did manage to get a few hours of quality time in cafes and the library, though. And it was fruitful for connecting some plot points and generating ideas for factions, their motives, and quest ideas. We'll have to see if I can add any or all of them, but I like where they're going.

I also did some more encounter work when I got home. This was largely angry dialogue writing, and I managed to have a bit of fun with it. I hope you'll agree when you run across it!

I think I've finally closed the open loops in this encounter, and can start moving onto new things. I still have some game variables to hook up for the encounter branches, but the meat of it should be done. Looking forward to a new task!

That's for next week, though. For now, I think a beer and some relaxation is in order. Time to start the weekend.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, and happy Thanksgiving weekend to those celebrating!


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Have you noticed that like 7 last news went bereft of any comments?
Do you want to know why?

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I just figured there was little to comment on. I tend to dodge details that might be spoilers when doing story work, so the news is more generic.

Is there something else that happened?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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> Is there something else that happened?
Don't think so. Well, your posts were rather uninteresting lately, I don't know. If you write posts too far aprat, people will stop checking them eventually. If you write everyday about fixing some unspecified bug or doing errands, is isn't really that interesting or comment worthy. So there is a balance. My opinion is that you're a bit on the frequent and verbose side, but hey, I'm still here. I think bay12 (Dwarf Fortress) is a sit of the silent side, but it kept me hooked for years.

Personally I like updates with screenshots the most, but that can only happen when you're adding items and stuff.

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Actually, I did find the new developments interesting, I simply didn't want to comment as I'd rather first see things mentioned in detail, while playing, with my own eyes. I don't mind silence in comments, it's certainly better than whole bunch of random

'- First!
- Second!
- Omh new news good work we love you dan our lord savior1
- dan dan can you please add rocket launcher gun i really want please tell me this idea is cool ok'
- hi guyz where can i download this i culdnt find torrent halp'

..under every entry.

Don't worry, Dan, I am certain that there are people checking your page regularly, glad you inform us of progress.

Also, given that I started writing, I can as well remind - please remember that some event paths, just because of being available, shouldn't necessarily be superior. I mainly mean choices allowed because of some particular skillset. While choosing right skill should grant more possibilities and sometimes be rewarded, I'd rather avoid gameplay where every skill/trait/item-accessible choice is better than what's available by default for everyone. Sometimes just the fact that my character CAN do something interesting, someone without his skillset wouldn't be able to do is a reward in itself.

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Yeah, I'll admit some of these news bits are pretty boring. Even I'm a bit bored as I write some of them :)

My policy is to write news when I work, so each weekday customers can see what I'm doing to make their game better. Basically, it's my work log (if you work at a company that does that sort of thing).

I also enjoy the news when I have cool stuff to show, and screenshots are some of the best examples of that. The build announcements, too. Unfortunately, showing too much of that when doing plot stuff can spoil the fun and surprise, though, so I've been keeping my cards close to the chest. E.g. encounter illustrations, revealing plot secrets, etc.

Encounters are also some of the least bang-for-buck in terms of development. It takes a lot of time to craft an encounter, and almost no time to consume them in-game. Conversely, new game mechanics are lots of replayability for less effort. However, fans have been very clear that the story is still important, so I want to try and beef-up that area accordingly.

It's a balancing act, for sure!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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I personally find the news post very educational. While not always "fun" to read, they give a nice insight into the game developer's work - reading them is a little bit like standing in the Dan's office and looking at his work over his shoulder. So without the more dragging, boring parts, the whole "experience" would be incomplete, giving a false feeling that the development work is all exciting, with new art and stuff :D

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You are doing amazing work! Thanks!