A Bright Smile For A Foe

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A Bright Smile For A Foe

I've been thinking...am starting to feel bad for the looters,bandits and raiders I killed. Not by my intention of killing them, but having to self defense and see them lying on the cold ground after mauling them. I wonder if we can have the option to nurse them a bit to let them live? Maybe the opposing foe health condition and mend their wounds. If success they may turn neutral towards you and good chance they will think About not murdering you anymore, or better yet, leave you alone if they ever cross your path again. Talk about good friendship! Or not...
Now let's shove these berries that I dont know down their mouth!

They laugh as they cracked my head wide open...but now...who's laughing now? Just me, cuz they have no head to laugh with.
*Meat Cleaver fells apart...*

Yeah, sometimes I beat a foe into unconsciousness and just loot them and leave them to fend for themselves. I generally don't bother to collect their scraps of clothing, trash bags, etc. I rarely feel it necessary to kill. If you were so inclined you could always drop some bandages at that point, although that'd be for RP only -- I doubt they're modeled to use them. The new surrender options also work well -- generally once I'm well equipped I can threaten/demand/etc lone foes into retreat or surrender.

But dogmen.... dogmen DIE! >.<*

That is interesting issue you did mention here Caerold - I wonder, do the NPCs know how to use the bandages?
I am sure they tend to some of their needs, they do scavenge, eat, drink and sleep. They can suffer long time conditions like bleeding and can freeze to death. But do they care for their wounds, of do they simply wait to see if they die or survive?

And for that matter, do they care for warm clothing? If one surrenders he basically looses all the clothes he had. Are they putting on the new clothes they find or just freeze to death several turns after the surrender?

What do you think guys, anyone observed them after the surrender?

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Thought they always came back for their stuff after you left some on the floor... mahbe not.

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