bug- red gnome diner death

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bug- red gnome diner death

this relates to this forum: http://bluebottlegames.com/main/node/1589
with v.0.980b through desura
But here's the issue I'm certain I paid, because this happened to me 2 games ago and I thought it was my fault, looked it up and then payed special close attention.

As i understand the rule you are supposed to die if you don't pay for a meal, then try to re-enter the restaurant, get kicked out, and then try to re-enter again.

However I think I have detected that that is not why I'm dying. I'm dying because I didn't pay the tip.
I am aboslutely positive I paid for the meal this last time. I'm pretty sure I paid for the meal last time as well. In both situations i'm eating the cadillac burger. However the first time i know i did not pay the tip. And the last time I don't believe i did either. It seems like not paying the tip 2 times results in the negative situation leading to death.

Also as a side bug, the only way i can access this site is by resetting my password, for some reason whether or not I create a password using the passsword requirements or not it will always accept it, and the cr4eated password will never work.

Other than those keep up the good work.
Btw I have a save file, after the redgnome situation, but before death, if you want to look at it.
Have a great thanksgiving :)

You have to pay for both the meal and the tip or else they chase you out/kill you.

Working as intended, I'm afraid.

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*

Yeah, the punishment is currently setup to trigger based on no payment or no tip. So the game is working as intended. That doesn't mean it was a good design, though :) I may have to rethink it, since a lot of folks are confused by it.

As for the login issues, it looks like you might be trying to login with your email address instead of your username. The log shows a failed attempt with your email used as a username. Does it work if you try your username instead?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

The lethal "accident" should be limited to people who don't pay at all. For customers who just didn't tip there should be a message like "You have to wait an hour for your meal and it's cold. Maybe you should leave a tip this time."

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It's possible that I should just remove the tip section altogether, as I'm not sure it really adds anything. It seems to just introduce error and confusion, and the pay/not-pay choice does the job of flirting with danger.

I'll still have to think of ways I can make the diner telegraph its paranormal nature a bit better, even with the simplified payment choices. But at least folks won't run into situations where they've paid and only missed a tiny tip, then get clobbered.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I like the tip option, it adds to the feeling of a real old school restaurant with real waiters instead of a modern fast-food restaurant with its service zombies.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

I also don't mind the tip option but I still believe that this whole event with the murder should be seriously reconsidered.

No matter how shady the staff of the local is, I find it somewhat weird that they go straight for the kill, while just surrounding character in some alley, exortion and breaking some bone would be of lower profile, driving a message well and more profitable. It may be also bothersome that no matter how much of augmented, strong, trained in fighting war machine player character may be, he dies so easily as he's caught off-guard and pushed to his death - no saving throw, no way to protect oneself, settle the matter of pay peacefully etc.

I understand that the event is to show suspicious nature of the place, but there are better ways to do that - and quite some people suggested all kinds of different events for it.

I still think the instant death should stay. If not for the tip then for the bill option.

It's just one of the things I like about NEO Scavenger. You can actually die at any time. The world is out to get you and if you screw up it will eat you and you'll have to start over again.

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*

Oh, I don't mind character paying for messing up, it's just in case of tip situation, the punishment seems far too great for the deed (even if you won't take into account that from then on you cannot use dinner's services), and quite abrupt.

Aforementioned example again comes to mind, with player making alert survivalist, defeating great challenges and withstanding countless dangers.. who then just gets pushed and dies, just like that, without a chance to survive, yet alone a way to seek answers/revenge/peaceful closure.

While it may underline how fragile one's life is, for a game it may also seem somewhat anticlimatic.

I think it's pretty clear that the diner needs work. It was added pretty hastily, mainly to provide a dedicated source of meals. And since I wanted to establish some paranormal lore in the city, I probably shoehorned that in sloppily.

It sounds like the tip doesn't bother folks on its own. It has a cultural value. So I can probably find a way to keep that. And I agree with o0m-9's point that one of NEO Scavenger's "things" is that you are never safe to make a bad decision. So bad decisions shouldn't be unpunished.

The main issue here is whether the outcome seems logical. Suspension of disbelief is upset in this encounter, so it'll need some massaging.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

The whole incident is a little outrageous to me. :/ I couldn't pay the four dollar tip (I had spent all the money I had on supplies to get back to the ATN camp and get back to a stash I had, when I tried to enter the diner to fill up before I left and died. Because I left out a four dollar tip. I dunno. Four dollars seem pretty crappy, to be real. I feel like the whole encounter should give a warning. I just felt cheated that I did everything so far right, yet fudged on something I had no clue about and died.

Are you still using an old version of the game, CorinnZV? The Red Gnome Diner was changed to simply curse the player instead of kill them in v0.9952b and later (November 2014). The current version number is 1.00 (or 1.04 if using test build) and can be seen below the logo on the title screen.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games