A few bugs / suggestions from a new player

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A few bugs / suggestions from a new player

Spoiler alert for new players, I might be giving some spoilers for quests and recipes.Discovered the game about a week ago.  Since most of this post is a dump of bugs and suggestions, I want to first say I love the game.  A game that makes me squeal with delight at finding a worn out plastic shopping bag, is something special.  I've had a few spectacular failures, but I've successfully gotten to Hatter and gotten an ID bracelet once in the trial and once in beta.  I have not played the newest version that includes saves, so some of these items may be obsolete.  I've also tried to catch up on reading the forums, but I may be repeating some stuff here.Good StuffBased on what I've seen so far, it looks like there are probably at least 4 or 5 ways to complete Hatter's quest or get a bracelet by other means, depending on what skills you have and what options you choose.  I love this, please maintain this kind of flexibility in the rest of the story.In the trial I found everything about fires pretty confusing and annoying.  (they burn out after one crafting use, you can't build a large campfire out of a small fire.)  I was very happy to see that all my complaints had been resolved in the beta build.  If it's not too much trouble, you might want to back-port that stuff into the trial to avoid putting off new players.Potential BugsThis has been mentioned elsewhere, but I've seen cases where I'm scavenging
and, say, add hiding, then remove it, and the indicator bars don't go
back to where they were originally.  Not sure if it happens with all skills/items, or only hiding.
Minor error in quest text: "That get's Hatter's attention"  should be "gets".
Put soup in your pack rotated sideways, with other items packed all around it.  Consume it.  The soup rotates back upright, and will overlap any items below it. You can now place items beside it in the space it used to occupy.  This didn't seem to cause any serious problems, it's just disconcerting, and a potential exploit as far as pack space.On the hex map, tooltips for recipes still show up if you move your mouse over that area.  (Firefox 11.0, playing in resizable window)I have 2 lockpicks in my inventory.  To get the lockpick bonus during scavenging, I have to move over the lockpick skill, and *both* lockpicks.  Seems like I should only have to move over one lockpick.Sometimes when using a lighter to start a fire a "lighter fluid" is generated on the ground.  I would guess it somehow gets dropped on the ground rather than being consumed in the recipe, but I haven't kept careful track of the number of lighter charges to confirm that.  I've also noticed sometimes (maybe when I kill a bandit?) I find an empty lighter and a stack of fluid, when it would probably make more sense to find a filled lighter.  Repeatedly picking up and putting down the same note can give multiple, different recipes.SuggestionsItems seem to return to a default orientation after you use them for crafting.  It's a hassle having to rotate stuff back every time you craft, so if you could preserve the orientation that would help usability a bit. It seems like you can get duplicate recipes from recipe notes and/or crafting.  Two or more recipes with the same text end up in the recipe list.I tried picking up and putting down the same note repeatedly, which gives multiple recipes, and might be the source of my dupes.  (I wasn't paying close enough attention to see if that's when I got them.)I also wondered if there might be items that look the same, but are internally
different, like water you find on the ground vs water you have put in a
bottle then pour back out.  (So the different items would result in recipes that look the same, but refer to different internal objects.)I found the different recipes don't work all the time.  I click on the first "boil water" and nothing happens, then I click on the second and it moves items to the crafting area as expected.  It's confusing to have those duplicate recipes, and frustrating having to click all the recipes trying to find
the one that will work.  If you can do anything about the dupes, I
think it would be a big usability boost.
It's a pain switching back and forth to the vehicle screen to move stuff around.  Maybe you could show the ground on the vehicle screen, so we can transfer between ground and vehicle, or show the vehicle contents in the main items screen. (Though I doubt there's enough screen real-estate for that.)I think this has been mentioned before, but:  Items often end up getting moved into containers that are on the ground, I think when you use the "take/drop" mode or when you confirm a crafting recipe.  That often leads to a big hassle moving stuff around to get the items back out.  I'd rather the items just go onto the ground.Maybe identify mushrooms and berries automatically if you have the skill... going through the motions of identifying a bunch of mushrooms is tedious and not fun.  The mechanism of going to the abilities screen and picking up the Forage skill to combine with the mushrooms doesn't seem very intuitive either.  If it just happened automatically it would solve that problem too.  I think some other recipes require skills (making a snare?).  It might be better all around if skills just automatically applied, rather than making you drop them in the crafting area.Perhaps when you kill looters/bandits/dogmen, they should drop corpses. 
Which can be butchered for meat and/or trophies.  Hey, it's the
apocalypse...  You might not want to take the game in this direction,
but it seems like there could be a lot of potential here.  Cannibalism
and trading human meat could be a crime.  A trophy necklace of ears or
something could intimidate enemies and protect you from attacks.
Whoa... those few notes I made sure turned into a long post.  I hope some of  this is useful, and again, love the game, even in its current state.