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FireAxe: New graphic, deals cutting damage, elsewise identical to the crowbar.

Well you dont really cut with an axe you slash and crush which are both more dangerous than cutting if used right.

Greedy Bastard

While I'll never turn down a new weapon, is there really a need for more melee weapons? We have a respectable arsenal as it stands and taking the time to implement a new weapon that's practically identical to the crowbar seems like it might not be worth the time and effort.

Also: tools like a fire axe don't really 'cut.' They actually crush what they hit, but the fine edge allows them to avoid completely smashing whatever it is you're chopping (unlike, say, a sledgehammer). When applied to a person, most axe wounds come in the form of busted and broken bones, not gashes and cuts.

Cutting wounds would be the result of something more like a tomahawk, but even then those rely pretty heavily on busting you up as opposed to cutting you down.

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*