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This game is great, but it clearly needs a wiki. Any game with crafting recipes, skills, and as much complexity as this game will apparently have needs a wiki.


Actually, now that I think about it, I'd be glad to assist on that front. PM me if interested. I'm a professional copywriter, so maybe I could be of assistance.


If anyone sets up a wiki "inhouse" instead of somewhere like, JAMWiki (Java-based) is fast, cleanly-written, and supports all of the basic features of MediaWiki.


Just curious why wikia is a bad choice? I've used it for many games i've played in the past and haven't had any problems. We'd love your help even if you don't like the format.

Please help with the <a href="" title="NEO Scavenger Wiki" target="">NEO Scavenger Wiki</a>!

Good point! One of our intrepid forum members felt the same way, and has started one at wikia. Here's the thread where they mention it: DongoDM, gordonfremen, and Markofbear have just started, and are looking for a hand!

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