Is this supposed to happen?

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Is this supposed to happen?

I do not know if deers should be this agressive, so I'm posting the picture here.

I was sleeping in a forest, and I wake up to a deer kicking me.

Someone recently posted a picture of a deer trying to stab player with an arrow, so there is definitely something going on... I fear its deer demonic possession outbreak.

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I laughed way too hard at this.

Awesome. And she even did it without any buddies for backup!

Technically, this is possible. It's just rare. Deer have the courage of a, well, deer. However, if you're barefoot, fallen, blind, vulnerable, and sleeping, I guess that's just too much of an opportunity for even a deer to pass up...

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Haha, my god, it's a deer with mutated hands!

They laugh as they cracked my head wide open...but now...who's laughing now? Just me, cuz they have no head to laugh with.
*Meat Cleaver fells apart...*