Please read before you post!

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Please read before you post!

Hey Folks!

Before submitting a new post to tech support, please keep the following in mind, as it can often help in getting results faster:

1. Make sure you have the most recent version of the game. New versions are announced in the news on this website and are listed on the download page. If you play in a browser make sure it doesn't use a cached version of the game.

2. Search for your problem, there might already be a thread about it, and keeping similar discussions together helps everyone involved (including me).

3. Check the version number in the title screen of the game, right under the "NEO Scavenger" logo (for example 0.980b). It is also listed on the loading screen, beneath the BBG logo.

4. Include the following information in your post:
- The version number, especially if you aren't sure whether you have the latest version (not necessary if it's already mentioned in the title of the thread).
- Do you use the mobile, browser, or downloaded version?
- Is your version from this site? Steam? Google Play?
- If possible, describe how to reproduce the problem.
- If it's a technical problem (e.g. game doesn't start), your operating system and whatever seems important. If using the browser version, make sure your flash is up to date.

It's a lot of stuff to keep in mind. But then, I'm probably going to just ask you all of these questions in the thread anyway, so it saves us all time if you can provide as much context as possible. Thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games