Cans and Saucepans... where did you go?

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Cans and Saucepans... where did you go?

So it seems really hard to find cans especially saucepans under the new loot tables.

Saucepans i'm fine with, but the cans are really improbably rare, unless recycling metal became a really huge thing in post-apocalyptic Detroit. Perhaps your mileage varies but in the last two games i was able to boil water without getting killed I found noise traps I could break down for a can before I actually found any other container.

(I'm starting to consider a medic start simply for the first aid box to boil up water)

have I been consistently unfortunate here, or do you think the drop rates aught to go up.

You can't use the green first aid box for boiling, only the black nanobot kit.

However, you could try to get the silver urn. ;-)

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

No - the drops of cans are fine. Maybe they could be a little more common, but its fine.

Yes I managed to find two nanorobot kits before I found my first can. so I celebrated, and just before heading out to get on with my life, I slept in a building next to a forest, and woke up to 7 wolfmen who gutted me in my sleep. yay.

Where do you sleep 0_0? I want some of this!

I take my sauce pans off the corpses I leave in my wake... I dont lower myself to scavenging through old nasty stuff.

PS. I have had one game where nano bot kits seemed to be scattered everywhere, but that's it

Oh I'd been alive about 60 days, in which I found those two kits, before I found the can. I was surviving mostly due to botany getting my water form berries and shrooms, and drinking riverwater when I absolutely had to.