New Builds: Save Game and Item Consumption Fixes

Hey Guys! I've just finished uploading new Demo and Beta builds. Here's what to expect:

Demo Build 0.913d

I've fixed a bunch of item consumption issues. Namely, it should no longer be possible to consume lighter fluid (despite rumors, it had no effects :), the medkit should only work with charges now (sorry guys!), plus some under-the-hood changes for better reliability and maintenance.

I also fixed a bug in the Rest+Heal button, so it should now be possible to cancel the Resting+Healing by pressing the button a second time, in case you want to interrupt the process.

Finally, the AI should no longer try to walk into the junk store and loot it. It was supposed to avoid that hex, but a bug in the pathfinding allowed it to. No more!

Beta Build 0.923b

As always, the new beta build includes all of the demo fixes above. Plus, I've made some updates to the save game feature, based on feedback and bugs reported by users (thanks guys!).

The first save game fix deals with the time lapse issues we were seeing. Turns out, the save game would send the player back in time when re-loaded! And I mean really back in time. Like into the 1970s, in game-calendar-terms. So if you saw weird night/day shifts and wondered why, it turns out you were lucky not to encounter disco music. Note that anyone who saved+loaded a single game multiple times will now be trapped in the disco era until they start a new game. Sorry!

Also, save games should now honor the correct number of remaining moves on the player, and other status changes. There was a bug in the load game code that caused one more turn to advance before starting. That should be cleared up now.

Finally, there's been some reports of save games not loading. I haven't pinned down the cause of this yet, but I made some changes to the save/load game buttons which should try to give more context-sensitive info. In particular, if the save data is missing or corrupt, it should say "No save data found," rather than blindly trying to load empty data and leaving the player in a black screen with just a message window.

Hopefully, this should at least help us track down the cause of any save game issues, if not solve them.

Ok, I think that does it for this evening. Time to grab some leftover soup!