Meat at the Market.

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Meat at the Market.

I was once a traveler throughout the wastes.
Over time, I realized the severe lack of food throughout the land, so I resorted to the unthinkable: Cannibalism.
After months of successfully slaughtering those who dared stand in my path, I had eventually come to the realization that people pay good money for large pieces of meat at the Junk Market.
A few weeks in, I was making good money.......they they wised up to my scheme. It started with a warning- I started selling dogmeat instead. Eventually that dried up, so my moronic self once again tried to resort to my old ways.
........and now I'm desperately hiding-
Trying to stay alive from the customers I once served. I can hear them- They're coming in.
I'm f- *Voice recording ends abruptly*

Seriously though- That new update ruined how I used to make my loads of cash. xD
Oh well, I guess life in the Wasteland is a rough one.