SteamWorks, Art, and Post-Build PR

Today was mostly research and PR work, in the wake of yesterday's 0.980 launch. So far, 0.980 seems to be going pretty strong. There are a few minor bugs reported, but no major bugs yet. That is, if one doesn't count the bandits stealing your sleeping bags :) (I've made a note to look into this.)

If one thing came up more than anything else as a result of the last build, it was folks asking about Steam. "When will NEO Scavenger be on Steam?" And "what about Early Access?"

I put Steam on hold while doing the last batch of updates, but I decided to at least look into it a bit more today. I'm not sure yet if the time is right, though some other devs tell me NEO Scavenger might be a perfect fit, and this might be the right time. In any case, it looks like SteamWorks requires some learning to integrate. The docs are many and lengthy, and it involves integrating libraries from the SDK. I'm not sure yet how much work this is, so no promises.

Klaus sent me another finished encounter illustration, and I was very happy with it. I'm already starting to see some ways of integrating that location with the player's story, so hopefully that'll debut in one of the next builds.

Finally, the balance of the day involved keeping up community presence in the various places NEO Scavenger features. Desura's builds are finally approved, so Desura users should be able to update now (assuming they aren't already using the Desura Connect feature). Some questions needed answering here and there. And a few folks got stuck in cached builds. I think we've been able to resolve those, though.

Still a busy day! And I'm sure tomorrow will be no less so.

Have a good one, all!