Urgent Update Request - Sleeping Bag Theft

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Urgent Update Request - Sleeping Bag Theft

Hi ^-^ I've been playing NEO Scavenger for a few days now, and it seems like every enemy mob can just steal the player's sleeping bag our from under us as we sleep! Is a random looter or gross mutant zombie really stealthy enough to steal the bag WHILE WE ARE SLEEPING IN IT? I call preposterous! Please oh please change this as soon as you possibly can.

Damn it's just really annoying, not to mention unrealistic @[email protected]

P.S. Thanks for the awesome game besides this, though ^u^

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It's part of the game, it is'nt so hard to snag an sleeping bag from someone thats sleeping and run away.

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If you are in it its a bit weird. Also I've had creatures come in and rob me blind in a turn when I'm standing right there. As in 3 melonheads wandered into the cryo lab and loaded up bags and rucksacks with meds, tools, security footage,pretty much everything when I wasn't sleeping/resting. There should be a check first to iniate combat and ONLY then can they steal (if you aint sleeping/resting that is.)

Not really much point in having a camp if you are invisible while there

Well if you think about it it isnt that hard to sneak behind someone and run away with some of his stuff. Also when they take something and then the battle starts, its basicly them sneaking in taking stuff and you notice them and fight them.

Also that has happened to me, and i dont mind i chase after them and if you cant find them find new stuff its part of the game.

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Sounds like you are defending it for the sake of it. I've had a bandit just walk in the cryo were I was NOT sleeping, even thought I have full noise traps everywhere I was only waiting a turn. He managed to grab a shopping trolly and a battle instigated, when I beat him down the trolley disappeared along with everything inside. That was all my ravel gear. Waste of time when yer playing a game and it deletes all your stuff. Now acen.. this is a bug

well items disapperaing is a bug but them sneaking in and taking stuff isnt, and are you sure it the trolley didnt have very little condition and broke down when he stole it

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If you're asleep in a sleeping bag, of course someone can tiptoe into your camp and steal everything around you undetected, but how are they going to steal the bag itself without initiating combat? I enjoy how realistically difficult this game is, but that one doesn't make any sense.

It's a known problem, it will be fixed "soon".

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