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[v0.980b] Bugs and Issues

There is still some weird stuff when it comes to market prices of items containing data files.

I found a locked iSlab which contained some unidentified files, and mouse-over pop-up showed its price at $600+. When I went to market I dropped in as a sell, but received only a basic price of the device ($25 I think) for it. However, when I wanted to take it back, it wouldn't let me, as now I had to pay the shown price of over six hundreds.

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That actually sounds like it works as designed, and maybe the design is just bad.

Basically, the true value of the iSlab was $600, including all files within. Since the files were unidentified (either iSlab was locked or switched off), your personal knowledge of the iSlab was $25 (just the hardware value plus some token value of the data files).

If you sell it to the market, you'll get what the pop-up says (before the sale) in exchange. However, as soon as the market owns the iSlab, they identify all the stuff inside, and adjust the price accordingly. Sort of "ha ha, you got swindled! This was actually more valuable than you realized!"

I think that's realistic, but probably nobody will recognize that's what happened.

I could change it so that software/data items keep track of whether they've been identified, and just use the identified price afterward. That way, they'd stay expensive if they were identified and then the container hardware was switched off. I'm not sure if there are any gotchas in the code for that, but it's one approach.

The other approach is to have the junk market say things in the message log like "ha ha, fooled you! Thanks for the paydata, sucka!" :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

My problem with the way it works is, I actually knew what was the worth of this item - I never unlocked it and it showed $600+ value. It's natural that one would assume the item's value stat is the amount of money he will get when selling it, because that is how it works with every other item. So getting $25 when item description says $600 will be confusing to people for sure.

Can't is just change value shown once it is sold, selling working as an instant identification? That could work with other items too - like the pills: you sell for few bucks cause you did not needed them, but if for some reason, you want them back you have to pay full price for identified versions.

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Oh, maybe I misunderstood. So the $600 price was in the pop-up before you sold it? Yeah, then that's a bug. You should get whatever the pop-up is reporting.

In that case, I might be querying one value for the pop-up, and another for the item's transaction value (e.g. identified price vs. unidentified price). I've made a note to look into that. Thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Water tester can work witout charges. I have it with a battarie an 20 charges + flashlight with 3 battaries (how many battaries does flashlight really need?). I shecked the water and ran out of charges on tester, but it continues to work. Also I checked the charges in flashlight and they are not used to do the testers work.
Also I found bug or not? - antibiotics bottle with 1 pill is cheap (medic trait), then i check the pill in it and the price is 51$.

Hi guys.

I just found the game yesterday and tried out the demo.
I had following bugs:

First was with recipes. I could stack them and put them into my inventory without problems... nearly.
When I found a recipe for sterilized water x 3, I wasn't able to put it into my inventory.
When I tried to put it onto an existing stack of recipes, it would just put the whole stack out of my inventory and onto the ground. I tried to put it into my shopping cart then, and it disappeared.

In the next ruin I found another shopping cart.
I wanted to switch it with my "equipped" one and tried to drag and drop it onto the vehicle slot while the other one was still in there. What happened was that my old cart disappeared with its inventory, and I had the new one on the slot.
I never got the old cart back :(

Some games later, I was in a fight with a bandit. He retreated repeatedly till I eventually got near enough to attack him.
I hit him a couple of times, and then suddenly I couldn't do anything anymore.
I could put actions into the right pane, but I couldn't confirm them. Nothing would happen when I click the button.
More strange: When I tried to get them out of the action pane, they just would disappear.

I ended with all my skills disappeared and not able to leave the fight or do anything else.

This was all in the demo, though.

I bought the wrench thingy shortly after I played the demo and hadn't any bugs yet in the beta.

@Bober077, thanks for the heads-up! I'll have to look into the water tester charge profiles. The pill bottle/pill price issue you describe sounds like a case of identifying pills. They are unidentified when you find them (so price is low), but when you roll over them with the mouse, they become identified (if you have the Medic skill), and their price goes up.

Also I checked the charges in flashlight and they are not used to do the testers work.

I'm not sure if I understood this bug, though. What do you mean?

@MaddiX, thanks for your purchase! Just out of curiosity, do you remember which version of the demo you were using? The number would've been listed below the logo on the title screen. (e.g. 0.980/November or 0.979/September) If you just found the game yesterday, it's likely that you were on 0.980, but if you found it via Desura, there's a chance it was 0.979.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Bober077 wrote:
Also I checked the charges in flashlight and they are not used to do the testers work.

I'm not sure if I understood this bug, though. What do you mean?

Tester uses the same bataries like flashlight. My though was that maybe tester takes charges from my flashlight bataries in crafting menu. But no. Tester just doing its magic. =)

The demo (I did not delete the .exe yet) is 980d, downloaded from this site.

I think something broke for the cabin loot table because I'm hardly getting anything good from them and I have looted like 10 or so this game.

Edit: Ok I can confirm something is up with cabins im commonly getting just a single item.

Official Trained Dogman

During the Isotope Mine encounter

Spoiler: Highlight to view
after exchanging the Copper Necklace for the Hot Brick, when Bob asks if you want to help with Gertrude, there is no option to simply say no, leaving the player who posses no proper skills unable to continue with the encounter

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@Bober077, are you able to take batteries out of the flashlight and put them into the water tester like a regular container? (e.g. putting them into the hand slot so you can access the contents) Note that charge has to be inside batteries, and the batteries inside the water tester. The water tester cannot take charges directly.

@MaddiX, the first two issues (paper and shopping cart disappearing) almost sound like what happens when you drop an item into a container with no room left. E.g. if you try to drop a rifle on the ground, and there's not enough room left, normally it tries to return to where you got it. However, if the place where you got it is also full, the game deletes the item. Is it possible that this is what happened?

If so, it might still be something I need to fix, but I just want to make sure I understand what happened.

The combat items disappearing sounds pretty serious. Game-breaking, in fact. Was this at the end of a long session of play, by chance? You mention "some games later," and I'm wondering if the app was restarted during that time, or if it was one long session.

@Nickboom, this might be the result of the loot tweak I made. A while ago, I reduced the cabin loot because it was a bit overpowered. It seemed to get better for a while, but loot was still a bit too plentiful everywhere in the game. So I changed the "bonus loot" behavior so that the piles of stuff it gives are smaller than before. This probably pushed the cabin loot even further down, making it almost nothing. I'll take a look!

@Kaaven, sounds like I missed an encounter branch when I hooked up the trading. I'll check it out!

Thanks guys!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Another bug in Bob's encounter:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
after paying Bob for the Hot Brick with my bronze Talisman - I've got the Brick but did not lost the Talisman - essentially getting the Brick for free

Other thing I found - when a creature picks up a recipe paper near the player, a whole recipe is shown in status window, being somewhat confusing.

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Yes i can take battaries from flashlight and use tester as the container to insert them. I just thought that if it works for free it can take charges from my flashlight by the bug because they use the same type of battaries.
So at the moment I have 4 batts (20 charges each) in flashlight and 1 battarie (without charges) in tester and it works for checking the water.

Also a qwestion how to clean the water (poisoned,sterialised)? Just qurious. Purification tablets? And maybe stupid one how to find military battaries for NV and for smartphones (Cant find them for long time even in the shop)?

Agh... and another one bug fur clothes can be remade with old items that was recovered from destruction of item - 1.3% glove can be remade using the glove materials in 100% only by using a shard! (also works for fur coat).

It was plenty room on the ground - I just took the cart I switched with the disappeared one from it.

Same with the paper: The ground wasn't even half filled, neither was my inventory or cart.
It was just one recipe that wouldn't go into my inventory. If I put it onto a stack, the whole stack was bugged. After taking it away from the stack, I could put the stack into my inventory, but the lonely paper still refused to.

Disappearing combat items:
I'm pretty sure I restarted the game between the rounds (I'll just call them rounds from now on).
And it were not more than 2 or 3 ingame days before the bug occured. It was my longest round in the demo, but I had much longer ones with the bought game and the bug did not occur there soo far.

When you use the lake resource to boil rags, it disappears after a few uses, leaving you with a lake square with no lake.

I do not know it this happens with other water resources also.

I found this dangerous deer =)! This brutal animal can wield an arrow in its teeth (also found a dogman who prefered to attack me with arrow from my bow). Just noticed another one on the picture - this rambo deer has arms!



And another one. I have a big resolution monitor, but i have to play on low (the lowest of possible in game) to see the numbers on the stacks.


Will confirm I've also had a Dogman prefer to stab at me with an arrow he pulled from himself. Not sure whether working as intended or undesirable behavior. Definitely not optimal for the Dogman, and perhaps a strange behavior for an animal that otherwise isn't observed to use tools.

@Kaaven, thanks for the heads-up! I might have to specially-treat some items, like recipes. And looks like Bob's encounter still needs fixing.

@Bober077, it sounds like the water tester has the bug, rather than the battery. So I'll have to check that out. As for poisoned water, it cannot be purified at the moment. You would need special chemicals to neutralize the toxins in the water, and probably a chemistry set. For now, the water tester just gives you a way to avoid toxic water.

Special batteries, such as NV goggle and cellphone batteries, are just more rare. They should appear in the junk market from time-to-time, and may appear in loot from scavenging or combat.

As for fur clothes going from 1.3% to 100%, it sounds like the pieces inside the glove are not degrading as the glove degrades. So the leftover fur and string is still 100%?

@Rafe, I might need to create a special recipe for infinite water sources, so they don't get destroyed in the crafting process. Thanks!

Re: animmals using weapons, this is a bug. It looks like the code that causes AI to remove impaled objects is letting non-human creatures hold weapons. I'll take a look.

Thanks guys!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

As for fur clothes going from 1.3% to 100%, it sounds like the pieces inside the glove are not degrading as the glove degrades. So the leftover fur and string is still 100%?

Old bug, often mentioned, never fixed. ;-)
http://bluebottlegames.com/main/node/1871 item 8
http://bluebottlegames.com/main/node/1888#comment-7328 last item

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

Next one! Megabattary and other infinite boxes. Sometimes (dont know when exactly) I see strange things when I use quick move from ground to inventory or camp - I have a cardbox with tree stacks of braches for fire in my camp and sometimes I can put as many branches as I want by simply quick clickng fast move. And 5 min ago i faced another "good" bug with smartphone battary (yay I found four) - screen (1 smartphone battary can hold 40 charges).


Files found in tablet (15 files) dont worth anithing.

Two things with selling "special" meat to market:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
First thing - I sold four pieces of human meat in a container (cardboard box) and it fired "First warning" encounter screen four times, one after another.

Second thing - after that I left the box there (since game actually lets you leave the meat in the trading grid) and left only to return one turn later. I was killed by the mob instantly upon entry, because the meat was still lying there and the game recognized this as my second attempt of selling. The game might need to return the item (meat or container holding it) back to your hand (re-attach to cursor) or (making more sense) destroy the item and all its contents without paying for it.

Recipe for piercing arrows is not working correctly - it still includes "sharp edge" into the arrow, even if it supposed to use it as a tool only (tested on glass shards). When I tried it sometimes showed a shard as a end product of recipe (as it intended to do) but still no shard came out in the end (was incorporated into the arrow - I was able to retrieve it by dismantling). Sometimes it strait out showed no shard as a end component.

Also, clicking the quick recipes for arrows, when there are ingredients missing, gives a arrow dismantle instead - which is not a bug maybe, but may confuse/mislead less perceptive players.

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I progressed my game to the Hatter encounter and then, before I chose whether to accept the urn mission, I save/exited by main menu button (I intended to save-scum to check each of the (updated?) dialogues for my options before continuing the game). On continue the conversation resumed from the same spot, and I chose the Trapping skill option to bypass the urn mission and get a free DMC bracelet (and a look at the shadowy figure). Worked just fine.

Unfortunately, after the conversation concluded, the game relaunched the EXACT SAME dialogue encounter at Hatters (skipped the DMC entrance portion and started from entering for the first time). I elected to chose the same Trapping option and got ANOTHER bracelet. So I got $6000 in free stuff, didn't have to hand over my dogman tape, skipped the long trek to the haunted house... and I already thought Trapping was the most overpowered skill/ ;-)

I'd check into the logic behind reloading saves in mid encounter (specifically those launched by entering a pre-determined hex) to eliminate the duplication.

@Malacodor, I seem to remember looking into that bug, and thought it was a false positive. I wonder if some items are degrading components, whiles others don't? In any case, sounds like I need to get back in there with more attentiveness!

@Bober077, were all the tree branches going into the box? How many did you fit in there when you finished?

As for the smartphone battery, that's a shortcoming of the inventory system. Currently, containers can only have one area for items, so if I want to allow batteries and software, I can't prevent multiple batteries.

Also, files may have $0 value if they are worthless (like homework assignments) or unidentified (listed as "?").

@Kaaven, I think you're right. I tried adding dialogue so that the butcher tells you to remove the meat, but it's probably too easy to make a mistake like you did. And I'll look into the repeated encounter thing. That might be tricky.

The piercing arrow bug has me a bit worried. It sounds almost like the order in which you add ingredients unlocks different recipes. I've seen it once or twice, but haven't figured out a fix yet.

@Caerold, this sounds like it might be a case of setting encounter flags too late in the conversation. Basically, I trigger encounters based on time, location, and flags set on the player. There's probably a flag that gets set once you make your decision which prevents the conversation from happening again, and since you saved right before that, it re-triggers when you load the game (along with your already in-progress encounter). I probably just need to move or add a flag to prevent that.

Thanks, guys!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

About smartphone battaries - you didnt understand the picture. 4 battaries contain 40 charges each = 160, but there are plenty more carges in smartphone.


As you see from the screen (I marcked it for you) we have 20 charges and 19 charges in 1 battary (I think it is important) and have many charges stacks in it, but if the battary is full thats all 40 charges and no more.

I could fit 4 stacks of wood in cartboard box in this game. (but sometimes I could fit more)


This bug was in your previous builds too forgot about that.

And from my deer post - I think you didnt saw the battle log where I hit deer with arrow in the ARM!

Files was good - kittens, dogs and other cute stuff that was sold for 50 or 100 $ in on of your last builds.

P.S Missed your post with this - The other approach is to have the junk market say things in the message log like "ha ha, fooled you! Thanks for the paydata, sucka!" :)

Ha! Russians are like cockroaches - they live even in postapocaliptic america. =) But my advise use Loshara of Loh - this means fool on russian and sucka isn't right word. =)

After scavenging a hex it told me that items were found. I eagerly open up the item screen to find: http://imgur.com/YOSaGDt
The items can't be picked up or interacted with. Clicking on the auto-sort button yields nothing. Leaving then returning to the hex does fix the items though.

On a few occasions, after saving and exiting and then reloading again without closing the game, I ended up with my character being overheated right after the load. It always happened when wearing tunic and somehow stabilize itself after a few turns.

Also, during the random encounter with a father of a family asking for help/weapon, I chose to threaten them and take all their food (last option, if I remember right) and got cakes in a can and soup separately :D

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@Bober077, oh, I see. Yeah, that battery should only have 39 units inside, not 52. And the box is misreporting, too. I'll make a note to look into it. Re: the deer "arm," that's a known issue. If I have time, I'll give each creature specific hit locations. For now, though, everybody has arms and legs :)

@Adjta, I've seen that happen on a few occasions. Did you recently have a battle or visit a hex that had creatures in it? I'm wondering if this happens when a creature opens the ground space in their inventory.

@Kaaven, I know I've seen that, too, and thought to myself "oh no, is acid rain back?" I'll have to see if I can trigger it again on purpose.

And the soup on the side sounds like a bug in treasure nesting order. I'll take a look, thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I managed to find a crafting bug:

When crafting, if player holds a stack of materials in hand and depletes said stack, by using all items, after the crafting is completed there is still one instance of the item left in hand.
For example:
I was making shivs out of squirrel pelts, had four of them in hand and made four shivs, one after another. When I finished crafting, I had 4 shivs and a single bonus squirrel pelt in hand. Also tested with rags and strings.

Also, while it's not a real bug, I have some issues with how certain items work:
- the game should decay charges after a round so there is no "electricity lying on the ground"
- since "virtual" items (charges, programs) are not used in crafting they should not be shown on crafting screen - especially now, that the chargers are plentiful, player can carry literary hundreds of them, all littering the crafting components grid (especially annoying on basic resolution)

Looters tend to make their bases/loot dumps on a plain fields a lot. Again, it's not a bug maybe, but it is weird to find backpacks filled with junk one every third field around the DMC - maybe the base placement could be restricted/prioritized to urban/forest hexes?

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I'll check out that crafting bug. That sounds like it could be a bigger issue, if the game isn't clearing stacks correctly.

As for charges and virtual items, I agree with you. I'm not sure if there's a handy way to make items decay based on their container, but I've made a note to look into it. Similarly, the crafting screen doesn't do any filtering, but I can check into that, too.

Regarding AI campsites, they're just using the hex that they spawned on, so one approach is to limit where they spawn to non-plains hexes. I think that might be easier than having them wander and judge before choosing a home, though maybe there's a way to do that, too.


Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I started a new game and a few days in I located some deer new the Cryo Facility. When I went to try and hunt them down I got stuck in the combat screen. No actions worked or moved me at all. The 2 deer that were in the combat screen were both "down". I could not exit combat but time still passed for each action I took. I saved and quit and when I came back I had a black screen with nothing to do.

I started another new game. This time I was foraging in a forest when a bandit/raider moved into the same tile and the icon for time passing came up but nothing happened. Time was passing and nothing occurred. I saved and quit again and when I reloaded combat had started.

I have never encountered this issue in previous builds and not sure why it happened.

The first situation sounds like you might've been unconscious. All options to move in battle are absent when unconscious, but time will still move. Reloading into a black screen would support that theory, though you should've seen "Zzz..." as turns passed if that was the case.

The second issue you mentioned, however, sounds like the infinite turn bug. That's one that happens at random, especially when creatures enter your hex. I haven't been able to figure out why, or force it to happen enough to fix it.

Thanks for the heads-up. Hopefully, these clues will help me finally track it down!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hi dcfedor, I'm back after a long hiatus from Scavenger. Congrats on being Greenlit!

I've come across the Endless Turns bug.

I've spun up the game and had a go at a non-combat type, staying around the cryo chamber to begin with.

I had a look around during the first day, met a dogman, ran for my life! Slept in the cryo chamber, was generally cautious during the second day, hid my tracks, hiding out when others were near and preparing to set up a squirrel cooking and fur preparing operation.

By this time there were a lot of bandits around me, about ten I think. Five of them in one square alone - they left me alone because I hid, but maybe they don't enter the cryo chamber hex?

Anyway, I hid and end turn, then the bandits fought each other and one of them apparently got knocked out or fell asleep or what have you, because the endless turn started and kept going till morning, where I quit the game.

Welcome back, Leslac! And thanks!

That's an interesting data point. Until now, I think most endless turns seemed to be the result of creatures entering the player's hex. This might be the first reported case where the bug triggered without any creatures moving into and out of player hexes.

Two questions:
1 - Did you say bandits fought each other? Normally, creatures only attack different creature types, and ally with creatures of the same type.
2 - Was one of the creatures definitely unconscious? I.e. were there "zzz" floaties coming from it, or unconscious messages in the status window?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I can't say for certain if one of them hadn't retreated into my square - but it certainly generally seemed like they were staying clear of the cryo lab hex. In another game they attacked me there on the second or third day, so maybe there's some kind of first day safety zone? Anyway, I was hiding and had all the loot in my camp, so a good bet that they didn't see me...

1. No, I don't think they fought each other... There were bandits, raiders and looters, I think. Each type fought the other. Though I'm only certain that there were bandits, as I said - there were a lot of npc's around! No monsters though.

2. Yes, I'm fairly certain one of them was unconscious and stayed so, zzz'ing while I died from thirst. I quit the game before I could see whether he woke up and the endless turns stopped.

I had two other different bugs in subsequent games.

One was a minor one where a melonhead was beaten unconscious by a bandit. I could still see the status "zzz's" even though I was well out of visual range. The game seemed jittery after this event...

Another was a complete game freeze. I'm fairly certain it was the same game as the melonhead incident above. (I get killed a lot in this latest version ;) I can't remember what I did, maybe I got into a fight where the other ran away, finished a turn certainly and then some npc's did stuff around me, but the new turn wouldn't start (not an endless turn though). I save/quit the game and restarted it. It let me redo the turn without error.

That's still useful info. I might be able to narrow my testing to NPC-on-NPC combat, rather than trying to enter/exit combat and enticing NPCs to do the same.

The melonhead "zzz" bug sounds a bit like one I saw on a Twitch stream. In the stream, a dogman was pumping "zzz" messages into the air, even during the player's turn. Seems like it might be related.

In any case, more testing to do! Thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thought as much... It's hard to say what reasons are behind bugs, but in this case it is certain that it is a hard one.

I've just had the endless turn happen again. This time I was in a place with noone nearby (I'd killed one who came to visit during the night) and when I ended the turn, it kept on going. I saw no immediate reason why this was so...

As it is this is a game breaking bug.

Well, I think those clues helped me track down the bug! I was able to setup some massive NPC battles around me in debug mode, and I made sure I was on a hilltop so I could monitor most of them, and it wasn't long before one of them triggered it. The issue seems to be creatures being deleted and nullified before the game is done accessing them.

The good news is that I can repro the bug at-will, for the most part. The bad news is that it's not a simple fix. Still, it'll be my top priority until I can find a fix. As you say, it's pretty game-breaking when it happens.

Thanks for the clues!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

That would be awesome! I've just started up another game and before day 1 was over, the endless turn bug happened - it's basically happened every time for me, within a day or two.

Could it possibly have something to do with updating from an old version? As I said to begin with, it's been quite a while since I played it last and the game has been updated quite a few times since then.

I'll try and delete the game and reinstall it from scratch, maybe that'll help...

Oh, by the way, would you consider including some kind of profile management? I like the "Ironman" feel to the saves, but it would be nice to be able to start a new game without losing an old one. Cheers!

Nah, I think the bug is just there no matter what you do. So the way you updated is probably fine. I just need to fix the bug :)

I'm not sure if I'll add a non-ironman mode or not. I'd have to see how it feels, and if any rebalancing is needed. That'll probably depend on how much time there is and what features are still left. My main goal is going to be making the current permadeath mode as balanced as possible, before I start looking at a new mode to balance.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Well, there's no doubt that after reinstalling it, I'm not getting the same amount of trouble. For now...

I'm not asking for a non-ironman mode, just the option to have more than one game running. X-Com has it f.ex. - your ironman save is no. 2 and it updates there, but you can still start another game, which uses save slot no. 3

Hm, it's weird that the game would improve like that from a reinstall. It's all one file, so I'd expect it to either work normally or not at all, instead of flaking out sometimes. Did you have an older version before?

And now I see what you mean. I suppose multiple save slots wouldn't be too hard to setup, especially if they stay segregated from each other. I've made a note to self to look into that, in case there's time later!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I've had it installed in Desura for ages, like a year or so, and then decided to have a look at what was new. Desura updated it to the latest version.
Now after reinstalling it, I've had my second run-through. The game is brutal compared to the old days, a lot of npc's around bugging you while you try to sleep etc. Which means I've lost two characters so far - but compared to pre-reinstall where I lost four characters due to the endless bug, I'm fairly satisfied :)

I haven't managed to stay alive long enough to see if the bug reoccurs, but it's a standard enough problem that updates to old versions can cause trouble - at least from my experience with Paradox games... I'll get back to you if it happens, which it fairly certainly should. I just have to stay alive long enough!

As for the multiple save slot thing, I'd think it's important for the final version, but not that important for the beta.


I'm officially naked and overloaded. I do not know how this bug started out. But I got overloaded after convincing a bandit to surrender. I picked up his bow, and could no longer move. The overloading, oddly enough, got worse for each turn, even though I only lessened my burdon.

Edit: I do not have any sled or shopping cart of any of such sorts.
Edit: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/comments/92934582?=english Have a look at webtax's comment. He writes:

seem to have gotten a bug i0m overloaded even after stripping off every item/vehicle http://i.imgur.com/9VKdh6D.png i think it happened after my wheeled shopping cart broke

Can't be quite sure, but it is possible that your character is in such a bad shape (possibly sick, just as Leslac mentions) that you are unable to carry anything at all without feeling burdened - it's the game's way of saying your character is incredibly weak. And since you still have an item on you - talisman weights 0.01 kg - it might report it this way.

There is always a chance it is a bug of some sorts, but for the test's sake, can you try to take the talisman off as well? Are you are still burdened after that?

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I can't say why you're overloaded even when wearing nothing, that looks like a bug. But your max load tolerance will drop seriously the more thirsty, tired and sick you get. In your case you're hungry, dehydrated, weary and freezing - so you should definitely be feeling the effects and move a lot slower - just not that slowly...

Is it nighttime?

Try and put on all the clothes you have, light a fire and get warm. If you have a fire going even when it's nighttime, you should get at least 3 moves per turn - even with all that crap going on. If you don't (next turn), then it's a definite bug.
Don't forget to put the fire in your campsite...

Maybe you're sick? Pneumonia or something...

And then find some water asap.

Edit: Sorry if all this is old news to you, but I find it helps to find the bug if you eliminate all possible in-game WAD factors.