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Neo Scavenger Online Connection

Heya, played the demo AGES ago, then a 'free' copy from piratebay (come on it ain't that bad if it pulls people in) and now I'm a backer (creamy crumb). I'm wondering though why does the downloaded version (9.80b) connect to the internet for? I gave it free passage through comodo cause of big love for you lads but I'd still like to know what it does

Thanks again for the superb game lads

Thanks for being a supporter, and for your honesty! I've actually made a point of not to bothering to police piracy, as I think folks will always find a way if determined. Plus, as you point out, it can be free advertising. As long as folks eventually come around, it don't bother me none how they got here :)

As for your other question, I'm actually not sure. I used to phone home for tracking how many people were playing the game, for how long, and from which websites (if any). However, the system I used to track that data (Playtomic) has since gone under, so I yanked that code out a while back.

Also, the demo will phone home to see if it's being hosted on a blacklisted website. This was mainly there in case a website tries to rebrand the game for profit. (Commercial piracy is one exception I'll make to my aforementioned rule.) Fortunately, that hasn't happened yet. And it shouldn't be the case in the full, downloaded version.

I ran a quick search for any "urlrequest" calls in the game, and there should be none in the full version, unless the user clicks a link (e.g. Blue Bottle Games logo). Did you happen to see which URL it was attempting to contact?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Nice feedback!

Anywho's I didn't see where it was going. It was comodo (free anti-virsus/firewall) just popped up saying it was
connecting out to an IP address. Started with 200...sorry that's all the info I have there. I don't recall my broswer going to steam greenlight or this site. Just thought I'd mention it as it seemed strange.

Have they rename this one, been trying it but seems not already available.