Simple Storage solution ... for you pack rats like me

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Simple Storage solution ... for you pack rats like me

I think we all know there is no where that you can safely store anything except on your character in Neo Scavenger. I have used various places next to the DMC as camp sites and stored things for a few days and then BANG everything is just gone.

So I suggest what I feel is a simple solution for those that make it to the DMC. Once you have a wristband and can enter there could be a U-Stor-It facility where for a price per day/week/month you can store a given amount of stuff that will not disappear and that the price could be based not only on length of time, but available storage area. Maybe there could be lockers for backpacks and weapons ( sized accordingly ) as well as larger containers ( think small storage shed ) for your full sleds or carts etc.

This would provide a couple useful and needed things (1) Storage and (2) Money sink.

Money does not seem to be much of an issue in Neo Scavenger but keeping items you want is a major drawback.

Example the nanorobotic medkit weights over 4.5 kilos.. that and your basic supplies and weapons means you almost HAVE to drag around a sled just to not be burdened. So storage is a must as you wont want to carry everything all the time with you everywhere you go.

Just my 2 cents worth

If you shoot them in the head they don't get back up and armor doesn't help much.

The cardboard boxes have a company name called "Scavenge Store It". I assume that there is a company in DMC that rents out storage places for scavengers that enter the city.

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Id love to see this, or the abikity to use wood+string+glass+trapping to trap my storage. Keep those bastards out of my loot

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