Hardware, Writing, and Art

Hope everyone had a good weekend! It's getting chilly here, so we took this chance to do some last-minute outdoor chores, like changing the car's oil, and mowing the lawn. It might not snow for several weeks yet, but it's only getting colder!

Today, hardware issues reared their head again. Sudden white screen in Windows 8, and hard lock. I had to force restart the machine. This has been happening intermittently for the past few weeks, and I haven't been able to sort out why. BIOS hardware temperatures seem to be reasonable, and a memory test seemed to return no issues.

So I finally decided to follow a tutorial explaining how to parse Windows memory dumps using the debugger. It took a bit of setup, but I was eventually able to determine that it was a hardware issue, and it was either the CPU or a video driver. The extended memory dump file seemed to suggest the latter, and since that's easy to test, I decided to update that first. We'll see how stability goes from here!

I received a new concept from Klaus today, and so far, so good! It was a fairly challenging piece, and I think he's got it going in the right direction.

Finally, the balance of the day was spent on writing. The scene that Klaus is currently illustrating needed quite a bit of planning and research on my part, to come up with something that both made sense and seemed satisfying. Most of that was last week, and I was able to start writing some dialog.

Today's writing involved some of the more scenic elements, and items that can be interacted with in the scene. It also covered some of the plumbing that gets our protagonist there in the first place.

There's still more to cover, and it'll be challenging to make it seem full without writing infinitely. However, there's some stuff in there that I'm pretty excited about. Always a good sign!

Have a good night, all!