hard life

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hard life

Chapter 1

I woke from my slumber to hear the sounds of death in the room across the hall,as a large dog like man came barreling out at me.
I ran as fast as i could,"this is insane"I thought as i ran for a nearby city.
Finally i got to what looked to be the ruins of a apartment complex or a office tower of sorts,but that didn't matter,what i needed was clothes.
It could have been worse,what if he had been killed back there.
Finally after searching through Probably tons of trash he found a body,on it was a broken multi-tool,a few berries(not edible),which was probably cause of death along with the collapse of 3 floors to the head,what stood out on the body was the clothes,and a strange symbol on his hand.
I continued to a small expanse of field,"where are all the animals,and people?"I thought.
Night approached as silently as I fell asleep,I awoke again,this time to a glowing light in the distance.

That's all for now.