Amputation and Bionic Limbs

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Amputation and Bionic Limbs

At some point in your everyday life, someone would ask, "if you were stranded on a desert island, would you eat your own [limb]?". Some of us would definitely consider it but would not actually do it. But what if say your arm was ripped off while scavenging or is horribly infected and requires amputation? I suggest an added option to amputate limbs. Of course the character has to be really drunk and have taken a bottle of painkillers to actually do it safely without passing out from pain. The actual process would be using a cleaver on a limb in the player condition screen. The disembodied limb would then take the form of meat (2 small 1 large for arms, 2 large 1 small for legs). Conditions that apply to the amputee would be; Phantom limb syndrome, Post traumatic stress disorder, Extreme bleeding. If the arm is amputated, then the hand slot is removed in the inventory screen. If a leg is removed, then one legged condition appears and the player either has to take a move penalty or hold a walking stick of some kind (one legged characters cannot run or charge in combat).

I know this has been suggested before but... Bionic limbs. Just like the eye upgrades, the bionic limbs would also have upgrades like overclock: leg upgrade able to increase charge and run by 1 distance in combat; arm upgrade able to have more deadly melee attacks, strengthened: limbs less likely to break or be disabled, Nano robotic infusion: limb is modified to house a nanobot replicator which repairs the limb when cracked over time at a similar rate as healing (not if limb is disabled). The limb would be permanently damaged(disabled) if it takes too many hits, or maybe an encounter with 'Marthas army' would render your augments useless for a while. There is also a chance that your body will reject the augment if you have too many.

I also suggest a new trait called 'Technophobic' which makes your body reject all enhancements.

Again I realize that this has been suggested before but I just wanted to post my suggestion. If not amputation I at least would like the technophobic trait.

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