The NEO Scavenger Chronicles

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The NEO Scavenger Chronicles

Here's part 1 of my journey. It's a Google Doc, just click the link to read. I'll be adding each part as I write them

NEO Scavenger - A Chronicle of Desperate Survival
You can read Part 1 here

Part 2 is done!

This is great,I wish you the best of luck on your journeys,can't wait for the next sets of paper!


Here's Part 3

Considering what happens next, I think there might only be two more parts. Part 4 is going to quite action packed and 5...well, 5 is either going to be a short painful end or another chapter in this journey, depending how my next turn goes

Heh...when ever i play i get killed cause i have to get used to the new setups,but mostly play around(ex:I was looting a abandoned apartment building and was jumped by 3 or so raiders/bandits,at the time i had a bow-6 arrows,a rifle-4bullets,and a spear,i died almost instantly to the raiders,of which had fists and A crowbar,apparently the guy with the crowbar-5 feet/units away threw his crowbar and the rest punched me while i shot them,i think i injured 1,but not to the point of needing a bandage)