Loading screen goes black

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Loading screen goes black

I closed the Demo once and when i opened it again it loads and then its just a black screen and i cant do anything

PS: is this going to be free when its finished

Greedy Bastard

Hey Acen,

Which version of the Demo are you using (e.g. 0.97_?)? Flash or download? And Windows, Mac, or Linux?

As for NEO Scavenger being free, probably not. I'd love to give it away and let everyone play it, but I need to pay for rent and groceries somehow :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

im playing the latest version and im using an chrome book i think its called im playing on flash and it worked fine the first time i opened it but the second time it didnt i tried reloading and restarting the computer.

Greedy Bastard

There are a few tricks you can try that might help. The following thread lists them in the order I'd try:


Namely, deleting the nsPrefsv1.sol file from the save game folder, loading the stretchy window version of the demo, trying the Flash version test link to make sure your browser plugin is updated, and cache-clearing.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Well i suck at computers but my computer is one of those that dosent have an hardrive or anything its all stored on the internet and im pretty sure it automaticly updates flash and all those. I also tryed the cache thing (atleast i'm pretty sure i did). So i don't know what the problem could be, it worked fine the first time and i was using the resizable window mode with stretched out and fullscreen. The problem didnt appear before i closed the website and reopened to play again.

And if i had an Paypal account or any other type of kreditcard and if i had the money i would donate as much as you needed to make this game legendary. It just is that amazing, and not only because of the game but also because youre an great developer and youre really activly trying to help people with problems they run into with the game. (i would mainly donate because of the latter one). :)

Greedy Bastard

Oh, a Chromebook. That's something I haven't tested yet. I wonder if Google is doing something special that disrupts access to the Flash file?

Before we go there, however, one thing we can try is deleting the Flash cookies (which are separate from the browser). You can see those here:


You should see a little settings panel at the top of this page, and it should open to the "Website Storage Settings" section. At the bottom, there should be a table lising websites, along with cookie file size limits.

Do you see an entry for bluebottlegames.com there? What happens if you choose it and click "Delete website?" That should clear any saved preferences, which might include resolution/fullscreen settings that could cause issues.

If you delete this cookie, I'm pretty sure the next time you load the game, your browser will ask you again if bluebottlegames.com can save cookie data, (e.g. "This website wants to save up to 100KB data on your machine, is this ok?")

If that doesn't work, my next guess is that maybe Google caches copies of files like SWFs (Flash files) on their server for Chromebook users, and when you load the page, they just serve you the copy they have instead of the official one. If so, that might cause issues with the SWF's "site-lock" (i.e. the thing that prevents websites from stealing the game and putting it on their website).

If you try opening a browser in "incognito" mode, and load the demo that way, does that work?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

deleting the information about bluebottlegames in adobe didnt work, but YEEEEEEEEEES incognito worked. thanks for all the help (now i just have to remember to open it incognito when i want to play).

Greedy Bastard

Well that's good to hear! I'll have to remember that trick in case this comes up again. I'm not sure what incognito mode does differently than ignoring cookies, but it's a handy and simple test.

Good luck in the wasteland!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games