Journal Of A Psychopath. (IC Perspective)

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Journal Of A Psychopath. (IC Perspective)

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I awoke late one day to find myself incased in glass and metal, Breaking my way out of my cage and hearing an awful growl, I turn and sprint the first direction I could see and I ran through a window flipping two or three times and landing on my back, I stood up and saw a man in the distance and started running to him, The excitement contorted my face into what may believe is a smile.
This was not a smile.
As I was running at him I began to contemplate the deeper mysteries of life, I.e beating a man to death with your bare hands.
Beating anything to death really...

From a bandit's perspective: Phil and I were out walking around the woods today looking for anyone easy to mug, Out of nowhere this man came bounding through the field at phil, The leaped onto him and began beating his head in with his bare fists and looked to me.
In that moment I felt a pure fear, And ran disregarding my superior weaponry..