Simplify UI! Get rid of "consume"

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Simplify UI! Get rid of "consume"

Simply change the mechanic to drop an edible item on the paper doll's head for consume.  If the attempted item is non consumable, throw an error message.This will go a long way to improve UI

Ugh, that'd be awful. I don't want to click, move, and click each saltine, water bottle, and jelli I come across.

I kinda like the idea of dropping the stuff you want too eat onto your avatar. But it would get annoying when you have to eat 14 different foods when you have scavenged. So i propose that you can do it both ways. If you just want too eat a single gelly bear you could drag and drop it. If you have too eat a lot of foods you can click too consume them.Maybe that would be too hard to code, i don't know I'm not a coder. But if it's to complicated just keep the current system.


You could just drag and consume the entire stack...  I was disappointed when I first played to discover that dragging a consumable to the avatar's face didn't initiate a consume action.


Ctrl + click on item to consume. Problem solved? I think it is.edit: I meant that as a suggestion but now I see some people might take that as if that's in the game.

Totally seconded! In case the consume cursor tag is left in the game, it should be possible to digest the inedible as well - possibly with comical outcomes, likely with lethal. (And doesn't anyone breath fire anymore?)

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Personally, I stuff a bag with a couple bottles of water, pill bottles, the food I like and stick it off in a corner. I can use Consume on the bag once and it eats/drinks one of everything in the bag. Its a great pick me up after a fight when I dont want to sit there clicking and dragging for several minutes before playing again. Ironically I found otu about doing this by accident and now I use it all the time.

I like the idea of tweaking the UI. I've cursed it a few times when I've forgotten I've got "consume" and "whole stack" selected and "OOPS!" there goes all your supplies for the journey - or worse - a handful of poisoned berries down your gullet when you were trying to drop them but forgot the selection above and there's no "are you sure? y/n?" to save your neck. In reality you wouldn't "accidently" stuff your face with a dozen handfuls of raw meat or berries when you were trying to drop it on the grass or put it in a bag.

Was never much of a problem for me...

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I've done that before too, sometimes with raw squirrel meat (ugh) or moving out spoiled squirrel meat (UGH) or even drinking untreated water that I was trying to move instead (UGH!). I tend to be careful with medication just because I tend to be using it in move mode anyway just to clean out a campsite and move pills around, but when you're taking care of hunger/thirst and treating them en masse, the consume/move button tends to get confused from time to time.

I think that placing your hands on the left side of your keyboard while you play really helps in preventing this. Those number hot keys can become habitual so you'll never accidentally eat raw meat.

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I had problem with unwanted consumption until I discovered those hot-keys. They make a life a lot easier.

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To be honest, even with it I still have the issue. Again, it only really becomes an issue when I'm doing things in a huge pack and I decide to eat when I meant to move. I guess it's just a sign that I'm not letting myself think straight because of all the bit work.

Yea. I think the problem stems with the UI being driven by left clicks only.

Right-click events have been available since v11 player, hope we see context menus sometime in the future ;)

Only very rarely I use the consume button anyways. Right-click -> Use is much more comfortable and stringent.

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