Make surrender not give over clothes?

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Make surrender not give over clothes?

I was on a non-combat chacter; He had hacking, electrician, mechanic, and athletic, and also lock-picking due to the metabolism trait.

A raider found me, shot me, Heavily wounded my chest, and I offered to surrender my items in order to not die.

Guess what?

Our good friend, the merga wraith attacked me, and I died.

So, Could you make surrender not give over clothes, for both the player, and NPCs?

I only cheat a little bit guis

The thing is that surrender is a humiliating defeat. Rather than the alternative which is a mortal defeat. You're telling or being told to strip down, and hand over everything you own in exchange for your pathetic life.

This is just fact, so ya pretty much gotta deal with it.


You've opened the door to your car.
Here there be lions.

The problem here, I believe, is that in the end either of the choices equals the same as without the amulet many characters will face swift death.

I guess randomization/limitations in regards to bandits touching one's clothes would be nice. On one hand, yeah, stripping down and so on makes sense, on the other - some desperate guy who just quickly want to get some cash and maybe something to eat from you wouldn't bother taking and dragging around your whole luggage just to spite you. He'd take what's valuable for him, maybe switch some pieces of clothing if yours have better quality and be on his way.

I would say that is about accurate. If they beat you in combat, I would expect them to take your food, water, medicine, and the most flexible of survival gear. Lighters, multi-tools, and hide-items you have. Guns and decent quality weapons especially. The more common an item is, the less I would expect them to care about it.
Generally, you avoid carrying too much out there. I wouldn't expect them to take too much extra clothing, or any logs/sticks, pebbles. Unless they are bare-handed, I wouldn't even expect them to take a simple spear. A broadhead spear? probably. Those are pretty effective in combat.

I would say, to keep things a bit more simple, they are guaranteed to upgrade if your item has a higher value than theirs
This would reduce scripting down to a single value, instead of comparing durability, item type, value, etc. Also, since in looting an aggressive person, I would make it quick.
After that, some may be nice and dump any extra stuff on the ground, and some may choose to destroy it; reducing the risk of you coming after them.

I wouldn't expect them to leave much on you, expect maybe pants, a shirt, and your talisman. To be realistic, I would expect them to take your shoes in almost all cases. It makes it hard for you to follow them.

Actually, when it comes to this option of surrender, I am often reminded of that one incident in "The Road" (the film, not sure about the novel), when

Spoiler: Highlight to view
the protagonist orders a man who is trying to survive like him is told to strip all the way down to his undergarments, shoes and all. It was sad and degrading, but it was also the reality of the situation.

Personally, it makes sense because of that.

That's the thing that it makes no sense to strip someone you don't know naked.
Humiliation makes sense only if you have personal issues with opponent
Otherwise most people wouldn't bother to go extra mile just to be a-hole
Majority of people would take all the valuable/rare stuff, money, weapons, boots, but leave some common clothes and cheap crap that have sentimental value
Problem is that talisman costs 20$ and it seems valuable enough to be taken
Maybe if it had similar value like hospital wrist strap (none), then it would make sense to leave it to player
Or maybe add some other reason why nobody sane would want to even touch the amulet.
(for example there are some of voodoo stuff, that while may look somewhat valuable, give so much creeps that most people would simply prefer to ignore it)
Because if surrender=death then what's the point of surrender at all?

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

It would be nice is surrendering didn't mean "well, you are going to die now anyway, because of Merga Wraith." It makes the whole surrender option pointless. You either die from what you are fighting or you die immediately after from Merga Wraith. I like what people are saying about the idea that people probably wouldn't take all your stuff as they would likely not even want all of it. Maybe they would just take clothing they themselves don't have. Although the problem is a talisman necklace would probably be of interest to any mugger. Maybe further in the story line you'll learn about the talisman and find a way to be able to take it off with out Merga Wraith killing you right away.

Or kill the merga wraith and strip naked with no FEAR

Never take your neckless off while taking a shower

If I am to surrender and strip naked, why isn't it true in the reverse?

It is true. They do strip naked, I'm pretty sure.

You're right about that part, they are stripped naked. It's a game of naked men running around.

Why isn't there any women in the game?

All the enemies are gender neutral, the pixelart is just bulky so people assume it's a man.

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*

I think the player should strip but still keep the bronze talisman. The issue here is not about keeping clothes, but facing the merga with nothing left.